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What Is a Triple 20 in Darts?

The game of darts includes a variety of unique terms and phrases that beginners may not understand, such as Triple 20.

Scoring a triple 20 means that you hit the triple scoring zone of the number 20.

What Is a Triple 20 in Darts?

A triple 20 in darts is a specific section of the dartboard. When a player hits a triple 20, they score 60 points.

The dartboard is divided into 20 scoring areas. Each scoring area is a board section and numbered from 1 to 20. 

Two rings mark the double and triple scoring areas. The inner ring is worth triple points.

So, if you hit the triple ring inside the scoring area marked ’20,’ you hit a triple 20.

Where Is the Treble 20?

The treble 20 is in the treble section, inside the 20 scoring zone. The number 20 scoring area is the top-scoring area on a standard dartboard scoring 60 points.

treble 20

Doubles vs. Triples

Doubles and triples are throws where the dart hits one of the two rings on the dartboard. If the dart lands inside one of the two rings, you get double or triple the points for the scoring area.

The inner ring is the ‘triple ring.’ The outer ring is the ‘double ring.’ A double 20 is on the outside edge of the dartboard. While the triple 20 is about halfway between the outer edge and the bullseye.

The single scoring areas are of alternating black and white spaces. The double and triple rings typically use alternating green and red spaces. 

Should I Always Aim for the Triple 20?

Research suggests that inexperienced players tend to score lower when aiming for the triple 20 every time. The average dart player cannot hit exactly where they aim every time, so aiming at the triple 20 increases the chances of hitting the adjacent low-scoring zones.

The number 20 scoring area is adjacent to the 5 and the 1. Inaccurate throws are more likely to result in lower scores. Instead of aiming for the triple 20, inexperienced players may score more points by aiming at almost any other space on the board. 

Can You Win On a Triple?

No, you cannot win by throwing a triple in darts. In order to reach zero the player must throw a double. 


The triple 20 is the space that provides the most points for a single dart throw in a game of darts. You score 60 points for hitting the treble 20.

Michael Fielding

Michael Fielding

Michael has been playing Darts for more than 20 years and is passionate about helping others improve their game through his own experiences.