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What Are Sets and Legs In Darts?

During a game of darts, you’ll likely hear many unusual words and phrases, two of the most common being sets and legs. So what are legs and sets in darts?

Sets and legs are terms used to keep score in a game of darts. However, it’s important to know what each term means and how they differ.

This article will help you understand the difference.

What Are Sets and Legs In Darts?

Sets and legs are the scoring systems used in darts. Winning multiple legs equals one set.

For example, in a game of 501, checking out and reaching zero first will win you the leg. The first player to win three legs in a best of five legs game would win the set.

What are Legs In Darts?

Legs in darts are a scoring method that becomes a set. For example, in a game of 501, after a player reaches zero, they’d win the leg.

There are usually five legs in a set (first to three), but this can depend on the game.

Players alternate who throws first in each leg, as throwing first is considered an advantage.

How Many Legs In a Set of Darts?

A set of darts will consist of 5 legs, with the first player to reach three winning the set.

However, this can depend on the type of tournament, as the PDC, BDO, and World Grand Prix tournaments play 5 legs per set (first to three). The World Masters plays only 3 legs per set (first to two).

What are Sets In Darts?

Sets are made up of multiple legs in darts. Most commonly, players will play to a best of 5 (first to three) legs to win a set.

How Many Sets In Darts?

Darts games are often played to the best of 11 sets.

However, newer darts tournaments are removing sets from their scoring system and are using a straight best of 15 legs instead. Two tournaments follow this format: the UK Open and Grand Slam of Darts.

How Many Sets and Legs In a Darts Final?

In PDC Darts Championship Finals, it depends on the game mode, either being ‘Matchplay’ or ‘Sets.’ In Matchplay, the number of legs is named. For example, ‘Best of 21 legs,’ with the first to win 11 legs being the winner.

During set play, the number of sets and legs are agreed upon before the game starts, e.g., “best of 5 sets” and “best of 5 legs” in both cases, the first to three is the winner.

In the PDC Darts Championship Final, the match is played over a “best of 15 legs” scoring system.

Do You Have to Win by 2 Legs In Darts?

No, legs are scored in a best of 5 format (first to win three legs). In the event of a tie-breaker in a final (6-6 sets), best of 13 sets. A player must win the game by two legs to win the match in the last set.


This article has covered what sets and legs are in darts and how they differ depending on the tournament.

The PDC doesn’t use sets in their tournaments but uses a match-play format. So, next time you’re playing in a tournament, ask if it’s match play or sets.

Michael Fielding

Michael Fielding

Michael has been playing Darts for more than 20 years and is passionate about helping others improve their game through his own experiences.