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What are Dartboards Made Of?

Dartboards have progressed considerably over time, with dartboards now made from many different materials. So, what are dart boards made of?

Each type of dartboard material has its advantages and disadvantages, some more costly than others and some more suited for beginners.

This article will cover what dartboards are made of.

straw dartboard

What are Dartboards Made Of?

Most dartboards are made from compressed sisal fibers and glued to a cork backboard. One advantage to bristle dartboards is their self-healing property, meaning that holes left by darts will close over once pulled from the board, which means that bristle dartboards last much longer than other types of dartboards. 

However, other dartboard varieties are made from either plastic, cork, or paper. So, which type of dartboard is best? The answer is that there’s no right or wrong answer as it’s what best suits your needs.

Bristle Dartboards

The Bristle dartboard is likely the dartboard you’re likely most familiar with. Bristle dartboards are made from sisal fibers, giving them a self-healing property.

Although these bristle dartboards can endure heavy damage, you can also extend their life by maintaining them. You can maintain a bristle dartboard by keeping them dry and out of direct sunlight as this can lead to liquids dissolving the glue that holds the fibers together, and sunlight exposure can dry it out.

Cork Dartboards

Cork dartboards can take barrages of heavy steel darts for years and still keep going. As long as you wipe it down or even add rubber cement once in a while, a cork dartboard will last you for the long haul.

Plastic Dartboards

Dartboards made from plastic are most commonly electronic dartboards, although it’s important to remember never to use steel tip darts on them, as plastic dartboards use darts known as ‘soft tip.’ An electronic dartboard can be a fun way to introduce children to darts without exposing them to dangerous steel tip darts.

Paper Dartboards

Paper dartboards made from paper aren’t made to last, as they’re most commonly used to allow younger children to enjoy a game of darts.

Michael Fielding

Michael Fielding

Michael has been playing Darts for more than 20 years and is passionate about helping others improve their game through his own experiences.