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What Is a Triple Core Dartboard?

A Triple Core Dartboard is an advanced type of dartboard that utilizes Winmau’s patented system and incorporates three layers of sisal fibers.

The outer layer consists of high-quality sisal, providing maximum density to the dartboard. The middle layer is softer, allowing for easy dart insertion, while the inner layer is harder and reinforced with carbon fiber, ensuring effective dart absorption and faster sisal recovery.

This construction enhances the dartboard’s durability and scoring capabilities. The outer core has lower compression, reducing surface resistance and allowing for better point penetration, resulting in fewer bounce-outs and higher scores.

The inner core has higher compression, absorbing excess kinetic energy below the surface, increasing the dartboard’s overall durability. The carbon fiber-reinforced base layer further enhances the Triple Core technology and durability, making it an exceptional dartboard for optimal fiber density, excellent dart retention, and maximum scoring potential.

Is The Winmau Triple Core Dartboard Worth It?

The Winmau Triple Core Blade 6 Dartboard is one of the highest quality boards you can buy. It’s Triple Core technology is patented to Winmau boards, therefore, no other dartboard has the same feature.

Nevertheless, the triple core isn’t the only feature that the Winmau Triple Core offers.

Made from the finest East African sisal, the Triple Core Dartboard has a laser-cut, anti-glare number ring. The pioneering spider also incorporates density control wire, ensuring optimal fiber density throughout the double, treble, and bullseye areas, resulting in improved dart retention and maximum scoring potential.

The spider wire is also 25% thinner and angled at 60° to minimize bounce-outs by deflecting darts into the scoring areas.

The inclusion of the Rota-Lock mounting system, along with the Spirit Master leveling tool, facilitates easy installation on any wall.


In conclusion, a triple-core dartboard by Winmau represents the pinnacle of dartboard technology and construction. Its seamless playing surface and three layers of sisal offers unparalleled performance and durability, thus far unmatched by any other board.

Michael Fielding

Michael Fielding

Michael has been playing Darts for more than 20 years and is passionate about helping others improve their game through his own experiences.