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The Best Dartboard Brands

Finding the right equipment is crucial for any sport, including darts. However, it can be challenging to find the best with many brands to choose from.

Here, we’ve listed a range of dartboard brands that make products we trust.


1. Winmau

Winmau sponsors many top professional darts players and international tournaments worldwide. Such as the World Darts Championship.

Their Blade dartboard has a 5 Dual Core system for better scoring potential. So, if you’re serious about your game, this is the dartboard company to buy from.

2. Target

Target is another company that has the official seal of approval thanks to its sponsorship of top players such as Phil Taylor. Many professionals swear by their dartboards, making this newcomer one to watch.

3. Unicorn

Unicorn is one of the most established companies in Darts with over 80 years of history. Their Eclipse dartboards with ultra-slim wires and maximum scoring potential are the only ones used within The World Championships.

Unicorn stands out thanks to its breadth of offerings. The company makes all kinds of dart equipment for players of all levels.

4. Viper

If you want to try a modern version of this traditional pub game, Viper is one of the best companies making electronic dartboards and darts.

While purists may scoff at this invention, electronic dartboards are great for beginners and casual players.

5. Cuesoul

Cuesoul may not be one of the most respected dartboard makers, but they make great boards for beginners. Their Tri-Eyes design offers two extra bullseyes for practice, and you can buy boards with fun graphics for your home.

6. Harrows

Harrows may not be the most famous dart brand out there, but their history (founded in 1973) is still respected. Although their boards are traditional, they are a good, solid choice.

7. Arachnid

Thanks to its technological innovations, Arachnid is one of the most exciting dart companies. As its dartboards are full of exciting extra features. Purists may turn up their noses, but Arachnid boards are an excellent choice for younger players.

8. Nodor

Nodor has been one of the most reliable dartboard names for nearly a century. Founded in 1923, Nodor was one of the first innovators to make a bristle dartboard.

9. Red Dragon Darts

Red Dragon Darts is one of the most well-respected companies on the market thanks to its commitment to innovation.

Their dartboards are high quality and affordable, although they are better known for their darts than their boards.

10. Bottlesen

Walt Bottlesen founded Bottlesen, a player frustrated by darts bouncing out of the board. Their darts and boards are designed to prevent bounce-outs, although expensive.

11. Shot Darts

Shot Darts started as a board manufacturer before adding darts to their product line. The bristle quality on the board is excellent, making this brand a great choice despite lacking recognition.


There are many great dartboard brands making equipment for all skill levels. In our opinion, the best dartboards are Winmanu, Target, and Unicorn.

Michael Fielding

Michael Fielding

Michael has been playing Darts for more than 20 years and is passionate about helping others improve their game through his own experiences.