10 Tips for Throwing Better Darts

If you’ve ever watched a professional player throwing darts, you’ll know they make it look easy. It’s a seamless, fluid action every time they play, and they’re always on target. However, it’s not as easy when you’re just getting started. So, you may be wondering, what tips can we share to start throwing better darts? … Read more

How Much Do Professional Darts Players Make?

It’s no secret that top sports stars worldwide earn significant amounts of money doing something they love. But you may have wondered how a darts player’s salary compares to other sports. As the popularity of darts has grown worldwide, leading to more tournaments and television licensing deals, so too has the total prize pots for … Read more

How To Play Bermuda Triangle Darts

One of the reasons darts have been so popular for so long is the endless number of games you can play. In this case, we’re exploring a game known as Bermuda Triangle darts.  So, keep reading to learn more about playing Bermuda Triangle darts. What Is Bermuda Triangle Darts? Bermuda Triangle darts, also known as … Read more

How To Play Cricket Darts

There are many different types of darts games that you can play. However, one of the most popular games is cricket darts, which you may have heard of before. So, you may be wondering how to play Cricket darts.  Cricket darts is one of the most common games in darts, so knowing how to play … Read more

Soft Tip Darts vs Steel Tip Darts

Darts have been a fun pastime for a long time. But knowing which darts to choose and knowing the differences can be confusing. So, what’s the difference between traditional steel tips and soft tip darts?  Those who’ve been playing darts for a long time claim that steel tips are the best type, whereas players newer … Read more

What are Dartboards Made Of?

Dartboards have progressed considerably over time, with dartboards now made from many different materials. So, what are dart boards made of? Each type of dartboard material has its advantages and disadvantages, some more costly than others and some more suited for beginners. This article will cover what dartboards are made of. What are Dartboards Made … Read more

What Are Sets and Legs In Darts?

During a game of darts, you’ll likely hear many unusual words and phrases, two of the most common being sets and legs. So you may be wondering, what are legs and sets in darts? Scoring a game of darts is similar to Tennis. Where sets and legs are also terms used when keeping score in … Read more

Can You Lean Over The Line In Darts?

Darts players will try all sorts of tactics to gain an advantage when throwing darts. A common technique, especially for beginners, is to lean over the throw line as much as possible to get closer to the target. So, can you lean over the throw line, or is it considered a foul? This article will … Read more

What Is a Double In Darts?

The outer ring of the dartboard is a double. So, when a player throws a dart into the dartboard’s outer ring, the points scored for that throw are doubled. For example, if your dart lands in the double 20, that throw would be worth 40 points. Checkout with a Double In 01 darts games, you … Read more