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What Is a Quadro Dartboard?

The Quadro Dartboard, otherwise known as the Quadro 240 by introduced by Harrows back in 1992.

The distinct difference between the classic board we know of today is the additional scoring ring between the treble and bullseye which counted for quadruple the points.

The highest score you could achieve would be 240 (three quad-20s), making a 7 dart checkout possible scoring five Quad-20s, Triple-17, Bullseye.

When Was The Quadro Dartboard Used?

Despite this dartboard looking odd, believe it or not, the Quadro board was once used in professional tournaments, firstly in 1993 during the WDC UK Matchplay, which we now know as the PDC.

Secondly in 1994 again during the WDC UK Matchplay, held at the Dial House WMC in Sheffield, UK.

Again at the WDC UK Matchplay in 1995 played at The Dome, Doncaster, UK.

In 1996, the Quadro dartboard was seen for the final time in a professional tournament during the UK Matchplay, held at The Dome, Doncaster.

Harrows ceased production of the Quadro 240 in 2000.

Why Is The Quadro Dartboard No Longer Used?

The Quadro dartboard wasn’t a popular design with professional players, due the hundreds of additional checkout combinations they’d need to learn.

As the highest checkout number would now be 240 (Q20, Q20, Bull), rather than 170 on a standard dartboard, and the highest number of points from 3 darts being 240 (Q20, Q20, Q20).

Phil Taylor hits a 240 on the Quadro Dartboard
Michael Fielding

Michael Fielding

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