Is Darts a Sport?

Darts is a popular pastime for pub-goers worldwide, but serious players go as far as to compete in tense championships. However, you may have questioned whether darts is a sport?

Darts has some of the hallmarks of a sport: it requires skill to succeed, and there are competitive organizations that organize tournaments and championships for amateurs and professionals. However, naysayers claim that darts are not an actual sport because players do not exert enough physical exertion.

Despite what some might say, Darts’ is a sport. But, what makes darts a sport? Let’s explore that in more detail. 

What Makes Darts a Sport?

There are two criteria for an activity to be classified as a sport: it must require physical exertion and has some rules and an organizing body. As you will see, Darts fits both of these criteria.

For example, Darts players may not break a sweat as much as other sports players. However, throwing darts at a distant target requires balance, fine motor skills, and other feats of physical strength. Darts players must practice, just like practitioners of any sport. If shooting and archery are considered sports, so is Darts, as many of the physical skills needed are comparable.

Darts is also a highly organized sport. There are several official organizations for players, including the Professional Darts Corporation, which organize competitions. These governing bodies also help determine the rules of the sport.

When Was Darts Officially Recognized as a Sport?

Sport England was one of the first to recognize darts as a sport in 2005 officially. Sport Wales, Scotland, and Ireland quickly followed suit. 

Darts is also officially considered a sport in many countries, including the United States, Ireland, Scotland, Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium.


Although Darts may not have the widespread recognition of other sports such as soccer and basketball, Darts was officially recognized as a sport in the United Kingdom in 2005. 

Darts fits both of the criteria for classification as a sport. Players have to exert themselves physically to throw darts, and the sport is structured with rules and governed by several organizations.

As with any sport, amateurs and professionals alike can enjoy darts. However, that should not stop people from taking darts as a sport seriously. It is more than just a game.

Michael Andrew

Michael Andrew

Michael Andrew has been playing Darts for more than 20 years and is passionate about helping others improve their game through his own experiences.