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How To Score a Game of Darts

Different dart games have different rules when it comes to scoring. Whether playing darts competitively or with friends, you’ll need to know how to keep score. So, how do you keep score in a game of darts?

Scoring a game of darts may sound intimidating, but it’s much easier than you think. Knowing how to keep score can also improve your own game by making quick calculations and knowing which numbers you need to hit to check out in the fewest throws.

This article will cover how to keep score in a game of 501 darts.

darts scoreboard on a wall

How To Keep Score In a Game of Darts

To keep score in a game of 501 darts, each player starts with 501 points, and each player takes turns throwing three darts per round. Each player’s score is subtracted from the total after each round.

The player who reduces their score to zero first wins. But, their last throw to reach zero must be a double for either player to win, also known as “doubling out.”

For example, if a player has 20 points remaining, a double 10 is required for them to double out and win the game. However, if a player throws more than their required score, they’re declared “bust.” Their score for the current round would then reset to what it was before the round began.

It’s also worth noting that the inner bullseye also acts as a double and, thus, can be used to checkout when a player requires 50 points.

Dartboard Scoring Zones

A dartboard is separated into twenty different numbered scoring zones of equal size, with the circular bullseye at the center. Each scoring zone is split into single, double, and treble scoring zones.

Single Scoring Zone

The single scoring zone will score you the same number of points highlighted on the outside edge of the board.

Double Scoring Zone

The double scoring zone will double the number of points scored, highlighted on the outer edge of the board. The double points zone is on the outer edge of the dartboard.

To ‘checkout ‘ and win the game, a player must hit a double in darts games such as 501.

double dartboard scoring zone

Treble Scoring Zone

Landing a dart in the treble scoring zone trebles the number of points scored for the section of the board hit. The treble is smaller than the double-scoring zone.

The treble of the 20 scoring zone on the dartboard will score you the most points with a single throw (60), also known as the “treble 20”.

treble 20 dartboard scoring zone

The Bullseye

The center of a dartboard is known as the bullseye. The circular bullseye is divided into an outer bull and an inner bull. The outer bull, also known as the single bull, is worth 25 points. Whereas the inner bull, or double bull, is worth 50 points.

The inner bull can also be used to checkout in ’01 darts games, as it’s counted as a double.

bullseye on a dartboard


Now you know how darts scoring works for 01 darts games. Learning how many points each section of the board is worth will serve you well in most darts games.

However, remember that some darts games have different rules and point-scoring systems.

Michael Fielding

Michael Fielding

Michael has been playing Darts for more than 20 years and is passionate about helping others improve their game through his own experiences.