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How to Play Gotcha Darts

If you want a new darts game to play, look no further than Gotcha darts. If you would like to learn the rules of Gotcha darts, you’re in the right place.

So, here’s everything you need to know about Gotcha darts.

What Is Gotcha Darts?

Gotcha darts is like 01 dart games, where players set the goal of the game, length of gameplay, and level of game difficulty. Gotcha darts is played on a traditional dartboard and are suitable for two or more players.

Gotcha darts is a high-speed, competitive game for players of all skill levels. Though the gameplay is simple, there are twists and turns that allow you to work against other players.

How to Play Gotcha Darts

To play Gotcha darts, players first decide on a target number. Players then take turns throwing three darts to score the highest number of points until the target is reached. When a player gets the target score, the game is over, and that player is the winner.

Sounds simple enough, right? There are a few catches in Gotcha, though, that add to the game’s fun. These little twists are “kills” and “busts.”

A ‘kill’ in Gotcha darts means that players can set their opponent’s score back to zero. To ‘kill’ the score of your opponent, you will need to be able to hit the exact score of your opponent in a single throw.

For example, player one scores 40 points in their first three throws. If player two, then score 40 points with a single throw. Those 90 points scored on the second throw can ‘kill’ the entire point tally of player one.

A ‘bust’ in Gotcha darts means that you score more points than needed to meet the points tally. Your score does not reset to zero but does not accumulate any more points until the next round. For instance, the preset target score is 201. You begin the round with 165 points and need only to score 36 points to win the game.

On your first shot, you score 25 points, and on your second shot, you score 25 points. The two shots total 50 points, higher than your needed 165. You ‘busted’ your turn and will immediately be reset to a score of 165 on the next round.

Now that you know how to play Gotcha darts let’s get into rules and scoring.

Gotcha Darts Rules and Gameplay

So, what are the rules of Gotcha darts:

● Two or more players can play it.
● All numbers on the board are in play.
● The total points goal is determined before gameplay begins.
● Each player will have the chance to throw three darts per round, with all three darts counting towards their total score.
● A player can “kill” an opponent’s score (reset the total back to zero) if the player can match their opponent’s score with a single dart throw.
● A player can “bust” by scoring a higher point total than needed to reach the target goal.
● A player wins Gotcha by scoring the exact number of points to reach the target goal.

Scoring in Gotcha Darts

Scoring the game of Gotcha is pretty simple. After each round, a player’s accumulated points are recorded and added to the previous round. This continues until one player can meet, not exceed, the target points.

Final Thoughts

Gotcha darts can be a fun, challenging, competitive game. However, it is a great game for players of all skill levels.

Michael Fielding

Michael Fielding

Michael has been playing Darts for more than 20 years and is passionate about helping others improve their game through his own experiences.