How to Play Chase the Dragon Darts

Dart games can be steeped in skill and strategy. Learning how to improve your shooting abilities can be challenging, especially if you have limited knowledge of various dart games.

If you want to improve your accuracy with a dart and would like to score more triples (trebles), you’ve come to the right place. Adding Chase the Dragon darts to your gameplay repertoire will do more than just provide you and your buddies with a fun way to pass the time.

Stay tuned to learn how to play Chase the Dragon darts, the rules, and the scoring methods.

What Is Chase the Dragon Darts?

Chase the Dragon darts is a fun, simple, popular game enjoyed by many dartists across varying skill levels. The goal of this game is to shoot the triple (treble) section of the numbers on the dartboard from ten to twenty in consecutive order, including the internal and external bullseyes.

Chase the Dragon can be played competitively but can also be utilized as a practice game to hone your accuracy skills with your dart. It is a great way to improve your shooting abilities and take your aiming game up a notch.

Now that you know more about what Chase the Dragon is, let’s move on to how to play the game, the rules, and the scoring methods.

How to Play Chase the Dragon Darts

Just as with Around the Clock, Chase the Dragon darts will have you trying to hit targets in sequence to win over your opponents. Chase the Dragon is based purely on skill and dart-throwing accuracy, not on amassing points.

The main objective of Chase the Dragon darts is to hit the triple (treble) area of each number section beginning at 10 and ending at 20. After besting 10 to 20, you will have to aim for the inner and outer bullseye to claim victory.

Players will be given three darts throws per round. You must hit the treble (triple) area of a specific number, starting with the triple section of the 10. If you hit a number other than your intended target, the dart becomes null and counts towards nothing.

After hitting each of the treble areas of each number in order from 10 to 20, you will have to hit the inner, followed by the outer, bullseye areas to clinch the win.

Once you have hit all the triple zones and both areas of the bullseye, the “chase” is over, and you’ve caught the dragon to win the game!

Chase the Dragon Darts Rules and Gameplay

Rules for Chase the Dragon are:

  • Number of players is one to unlimited.
  • The numbers in play on the dartboard are 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, and the bullseye.
  • After the order of players is determined (this can be done by throwing a single dart at the bullseye or by any other means you desire), each player will have three darts per round.
  • Players must hit the triple section of each number, starting with 10 and following in sequence to 20.
  • If a player lands upon a number other than their desired mark, that dart is null and the round continues.
  • If a player cannot hit the treble area of their number within three attempts, the next player will begin their turn.
  • A player cannot move to the next number without hitting the treble of their designated number first (meaning that you cannot move on to 13 if you have not secured 12).
  • Once a player has hit all triple areas of each number, the player will need to hit both the bullseye’s inner and outer regions.
  • After taking the bullseye, the player has ended the “chase” and caught the dragon.

There are multiple variations of this game that can increase or decrease the skill level required to play.

Scoring in Chase The Dragon Darts

Scoring for Chase The Dragon is not about points but about advancement through the series. If you want to keep up with each player’s progression, you can create a chart similar to the one below.

Player 1Player 2
Outer bullseyeOuter bullseye
Inner bullseyeInner bullseye

You can keep track of where each player is in the “chase” by marking when a player secures the treble area of their number.

The first one to hit each triple section and both areas of the bullseye in sequence is the winner.


Chase the Dragon is a fantastic way to improve your ability to hit high-scoring triples. The rules and gameplay are straightforward and extremely simple, making this an excellent game for not only advanced players but also beginners.

Michael Andrew

Michael Andrew

Michael Andrew has been playing Darts for more than 20 years and is passionate about helping others improve their game through his own experiences.