How to Play Call Three Darts

If you want to add a bit of simplicity to your dart game repertoire, look no further than Call Three darts.

Call Three is an excellent game that players of all skill levels can enjoy. If you would like to learn all about Call Three darts, the rules, and the scoring methods, you’re in the right place.

Get ready to set up, take aim, and learn the ins and outs of a new dart game, Call Three.

What Is Call Three Darts?

Call Three is a simple, fun dart game that all dart players can enjoy, from the newest of beginners to the most seasoned of pros. Call Three doesn’t involve any complex strategies or complicated scoring calculations.

Call Three allows players to challenge one another by setting the round targets for each other. The game can be made as uncomplicated or as challenging as the players desire.

Now that you know more about what Call Three is, let’s cover how to play the game, the rules of Call Three, and the uncomplicated scoring.

How to Play Call Three Darts

Playing Call Three is one of the easiest dart games to learn and play. First, you’ll need to establish a throwing order. This can be done by having each player throw one dart at the board, the closest to the bullseye will go first, and so on, or you can flip a coin, play paper-rock-scissors, or just decide among yourselves (there’s no steadfast rule as to who goes first).

Players will be given three darts per round. The next-in-line player to throw will determine the three targets for the player at the line.

The throwing player will attempt to hit each target given to them by the next player in the order that they are called (for instance, if the marks are 3, 20, 13, the throwing player will need to hit 3, then 20, then 13).

Every target hit gains one point. If a player shoots their target’s double or triple area, they will score two or three points, respectively.

If the throwing player fails to hit the specified targets, no points are awarded, and the next player will take control of the board.

The gameplay continues for a total of 10 rounds. At the end of those 10 rounds, the player with the highest score is declared the winner.

Call Three Rules and Gameplay

Rules are simple for Call Three:

  • 2 or more players
  • The entire board is in play, including single, double, triple areas, and the inner/outer bullseye.
  • Players have three darts per round.
  • The next-in-line player will designate the shooting player’s targets.
  • Targets must be hit in order of announcement to gain points.
  • If a target is missed, no points are awarded.
  • After 10 rounds, the highest score is the winner.

Of course, there are variations to the standard play that can increase the complexity and challenge of Call Three, but the classic game is extremely simple.

Scoring in Call Three Darts

Call Three scoring is as simple as it comes. After determining shooting order, you will simply record player names across the top of the scoreboard and tally round scores at the end of every round. At the end of 10 rounds, the highest score wins.

Your scoreboard should look like this:

RoundPlayer 1Player 2

Remember, singles count as one point, doubles count as two points, trebles count as three points, the outer bullseye is two points, and the middle bullseye is three points.


Call Three darts is a simple dart game that just about any player can enjoy. The simplicity and ease of play make this game the perfect tool for learning about dart play and enable even the largest groups to have fun.

Michael Andrew

Michael Andrew

Michael Andrew has been playing Darts for more than 20 years and is passionate about helping others improve their game through his own experiences.