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How to Play 301 Darts

Darts is one of the most popular games in pubs and bars worldwide. There are also dozens of variations of the game, including 301 darts. But, how do you play 301 darts?

The first player to score a total of 301 points wins. However, there’s much more to it than that.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to play 301 darts.

310 darts scoreboard

What Is 301 Darts?

301 darts is one of the most common variations of the standard game of darts. The game’s name refers to each player’s starting number of points. Each player starts with 301 points.

301 darts follow the same rules as other ’01 dart games, such as 501 darts and 701 darts. The game’s goal is to be the first player to reach 0 from 301. 

You can play one vs. one or in teams of two.

301 Dart Rules and Gameplay

The gameplay for 301 darts is divided into rounds. Players take turns throwing darts at the dartboard.

Each player throws three darts during your turn. After throwing all three darts, you total your score for the round and update the scoreboard. 

The first player to reach 0 points wins. But, you cannot go below zero. If you have 16 points left to win, you need a total score of 16 points to win the round.

How to Play 301 Darts

To play 301 darts, you need a dartboard, darts, and something to keep track of the score.

Decide the Order of Play

First, decide who starts the round.

Each player throws a single dart at the board. The player whose dart lands closest to the bullseye starts the round.

Take Turns Throwing Darts

To score points, you first need to score a ‘double’ before you can start subtracting points from 301.

Players take turns throwing three darts and subtracting their total score from 301. At the end of your turn, total the score of all three darts. 

You then subtract your score from 301. 

You need to reach zero points and hit a double to win the game, also called ‘doubling out.’ For example, if you have 12 points left, you need to hit the double 6 to win.

Doubling in and doubling out are part of the standard rules for 301 darts. However, you may want to skip these rules when playing with beginners or children. They may struggle to hit a double, keeping them from getting on the board, which can be frustrating for inexperienced players.

What Happens If You Go Over 301?

If you score over 301 points, you’re bust. Therefore, none of your points for the round count.

For example, if you have 24 points left and throw a total score of 36 for the round. Instead of winning or having a score of -12, your score stays at 24. You must try again in the next round.


As with other dart games, in 301 darts, you take turns throwing three darts. Your score for the round is equal to the total score of all three darts.

The goal is to be the first player to reach a score of zero.

Michael Fielding

Michael Fielding

Michael has been playing Darts for more than 20 years and is passionate about helping others improve their game through his own experiences.