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The Different Types Of Dartboard

Did you know that dartboards come in a variety of styles, each with its own distinct flair and gameplay experience?

From the classic Sisal Dartboard to the unusual Harrows Quadro Dartboard, we’ll explore the unique characteristics of each board.

Let’s get into it.

What are the Different Types of Dartboard?

1. Sisal Dartboard

The Sisal Dartboard is one of the most common and widely used types of dartboards. It is made from high-quality sisal fibers compressed together.

Sisal is a durable and self-healing material, which means that the dart holes close up after the darts are removed, extending the board’s lifespan. These dartboards are designed to be used with steel-tip darts and are favored by professional players due to their longevity and consistent playing surface.

2. Ipswich Board (London Five) 

The Ipswich Board, also known as the London Five, is a traditional dartboard style with a unique configuration of scoring areas. It features five concentric circles, each divided into different segments.

The outermost circle is the highest scoring area, while the bullseye in the center carries the highest points. This style of dartboard is more commonly found in the United Kingdom and is popular among traditional dart enthusiasts.

3. Yorkshire Dartboard 

The Yorkshire Dartboard is another traditional dartboard type, often found in the northern regions of England. It is similar to the standard dartboard but has thinner double and triple rings, making it more challenging to score high points.

This style of dartboard is favored by skilled players who seek a greater level of difficulty and precision in their darts game.

4. Nodor Lincoln Dartboard

The Nodor Lincoln Dartboard is a classic and widely recognized dartboard style. It is constructed using high-quality sisal fibers and follows the standard dartboard layout.

The Nodor brand is well-known for producing quality dartboards that offer good durability and self-healing properties, making them suitable for both professional and recreational players.

5. Electronic Dartboard

The Electronic Dartboard is a modern and technologically advanced variation of traditional dartboards. Instead of using steel-tip darts, electronic dartboards are equipped with soft-tip sensors that register the impact when a dart hits the surface.

The scores are automatically calculated and displayed on an electronic screen. These dartboards often come with various game modes, sound effects, and multiplayer options, making them popular for casual and social play.

6. Manchester Log-end Dartboard

The Manchester Log-end Dartboard is a unique and visually distinct style of dartboard. It is created by cutting a log horizontally and then marking the playing surface on one of the flat ends. The surface is divided into sections with different point values.

This rustic and unconventional dartboard style adds a touch of novelty to the game and can be a conversation piece in a game room.

7. Irish Black Dartboard

The Irish Black Dartboard, as the name suggests, is a dark-colored dartboard that resembles the traditional sisal dartboard in terms of layout.

It is crafted from high-quality sisal fibers, but the surface is black, which provides a visually striking contrast with the white markings for the scoring areas.

This style is often preferred for its unique appearance and can be a refreshing change from the standard green dartboards.

8. The Grimsby

The Grimsby dartboard is a lesser-known style that follows the traditional layout. It is named after the town of Grimsby in England and is characterized by its distinct color scheme and logo design.

While not as widely available as some other dartboard styles, it offers the same playing experience as a standard sisal dartboard.

9. Kent Dartboard

The Kent Dartboard is a variation of the traditional dartboard, often featuring a slightly larger diameter and thinner wire divisions. This design aims to reduce bounce-outs and create a smoother surface for dart play.

The name likely refers to the region of Kent in England, but it is a widely available style used by players worldwide.

10. Tunbridge

The Tunbridge dartboard is a unique and decorative style of dartboard that incorporates intricate marquetry designs on the outer edge of the board. It is a nod to the Tunbridge Wells region in England, which is known for its woodwork and craftsmanship.

While it retains the standard dartboard layout, the decorative elements add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the game.

11. Harrows Quadro 240

The Harrows Quadro 240 is a specialized dartboard designed for the game of Quadro Cricket. Quadro Cricket is a variation of traditional cricket darts that involves hitting specific numbers and quadrants on the dartboard.

This style of dartboard is created to suit the rules and scoring requirements of Quadro Cricket, providing players with a dedicated board for this unique game.