Dartboard Height and Distance: The Official Dartboard Setup

Learn the official height and distance measurements you need to follow, when setting up your dartboard

Your dartboard’s height and distance from the toe line must meet specific requirements set out by the official Worlds Darts Federation (WDF) regulations.

So, what are the correct height and distance measurements when setting up your board?

Dartboard Height Measurements

The official height to hang a dartboard is: 173 cm (5ft 8 inches) from the floor to the center of your dartboard, or ‘the bullseye’.

Dartboard Distance Measurements

The official distance from a dartboard is 237cm (7ft 9.25 inches) from the front of your dartboard to the back of the throw line or Oche.

Dartboard distance and height measurements

These measurements are those decided by the WDF. Therefore, rest assured that you’ll be meeting the official regulations by following these guidelines during play.

Dartboard Height & Distance for Wheelchair Users

The dartboard height for players who require a wheelchair is 137cm, with the distance at 237cm, from the face of the dartboard to the throw line.

dartboard height and distance for  wheelchair users
dartboard height and distance for wheelchair users

Electronic Dartboards Throwing Height and Distance Measurements

Electronic Dartboard Height Measurements

Electronic dartboards height is 5ft 8in, or 173cm from the floor to the center of the dartboard.

Electronic Dartboard Distance Measurements

The throwing distance for an electronic dartboard is 244cm. These measurements were increased from 237cm to bring the throwing distance up to 8ft.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. What is the correct height for a dartboard?
Standard height from the floor to the bullseye on the dartboard is 5 feet 8 inches.

Q2. How far back do you stand from a dartboard?
While the toeline should be 7 feet 9.25 inches away from the face of the board.

Q3. How much room do you need for a dart board?
An area of 5 feet wide and 11 feet long is the minimum suggested playing area for a game of darts. This ensures the protection of by standers or damage to nearby furniture.

Q4. Can you lean over the throw line in darts?
A player may lean as far over the throw line as they like, as long as they are
not standing with any part of their foot over the line. If a player’s foot extends over the line, it’s called a foul.


We hope we’ve managed to cover all bases when it comes to ensuring the correct measurements for your dartboard setup.

However, if you have any additional questions, feel free to leave a comment, below.

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Michael Andrew

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