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Most Common Darts Terms and Their Meanings

If you’ve ever played a game of darts before, you might have heard some unusual terminology.

Below are some of the most common dart terms used in almost every game of darts. These terms can otherwise be known as darts slang.

This article lists the most common dart terms and their meanings.

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1. Wet-Feet

Wet-Feet is a term commonly used in darts. It refers to the situation when you aren’t standing behind the throwing line.

2. Bullseye

Hitting the small circle at the center of the dartboard is known as a Bullseye.

3. Check-Out

When a player hits the exact amount of points required the win the game, this is known as a Check-Out.

4. Island

The scoring area of the dartboard is known as the Island.

5. Eights

Eights is another way of saying 18.

6. Basement

It’s a situation when the player hits the double 3

7. Steady

The scoring of 60 points in a single round is known as ‘Steady.’

8. Back Hat

Back Hat is when a player hits the double Bullseye in a single round.

9. Double bull

When a dart hits the most inner part of the Bullseye, it is called a double bull.

10. Flat Line

When playing Cricket, a Flat Line refers to a situation when you miss all the three darts.

11. Buckshot

Buckshot is where the darts are spread across all parts of the dartboard.

12. Champagne Breakfast

It is a situation where the player manages to hit the triple 5, triple 1, and triple 20.

13. Aces

It refers to the hitting of a Double one while playing an ’01 game.

14. Two Fat Ladies

When the player scores 88 points within a single round, it is called Two Fat Ladies.

15. Chucker

Chucker is a player who throws the darts without trying to aim.

16. Circle It

When a player scores less than 10 points in a single round, it’s called: ‘Circle It.’

17. Cracked

Cracked is a situation where the player hits a single when aiming at a double.

18. Devil

Devil is a situation when you hit a triple 6 (666).

19. Good Group

It is a compliment for a very accurate darts throwing.

20. Baby Ton

This term suggests that a player has scored 95 points in a single round.

21. Downstairs

The lower part of a dartboard is known as the Downstairs.

22. Bucket of Nails

It refers to hitting 1’s with all three darts in a single round.

23. Dirty Darts

Questionable tactics are known as dirty darts.

24. Game On

When a game of darts starts, the term Game On is the start of the game

25. Lipstick

It relates to the hitting of triple 20.

26. Tops

Tops is a term used for a double twenty. Also known as ‘Double Top’.

27. Happy Meal

A score of 69 points is known as Happy Meal.

28. Barrel

It is the metal portion of a dart that offers the grip.

29. Leg

It refers to a single game of darts.

30. Shaft

It is that part of a dart that holds the flight.

31. Bag O’ Nuts

This means that a player has scored 45 points in a single round.

32. Chips

It relates to Scoring 26 points while hitting a single 5, a single 20, and a single 1.

33. Bombers

When a dart bounces out of the dartboard

34. Wilson

Wilson is when the player misses with all three darts.

35. Classic

When you score 26 points by hitting a single 5, a single 20, and a single 1 in around, it is called Classic.

36. Barn Dart

When a third dart hits the target, it is referred to as the barn dart after missing the first two.

37. Low Ton

A Low Ton in darts is when a player scores between 100 and 150 points with three darts.

38. Wiring

If a dart bounces off a wire, it is commonly known as Wiring.

39. Pie

The numbered area on the dartboard is called Pie.

40. Right There

This phrase is used when the dart misses the aimed point.

41. Matador

Hitting the Bullseye is known as Matador.

42. Small

Small is the area located between the bull and the triple.

43. Bail Out

When a third dart scores a high triple, it is called Bail Out.

44. Grand Slam

Hitting the triple 20, triple 5, and the triple one is known as Grand Slam.

45. Three in a Bed

When all three darts land in the same area or number, it is called Three in a Bed.

46. Paddling

Placing one or both the feet across a throwing line

47. Trombones

The Trombones refer to a situation with a player scoring 76 points in a single round.

48. Sunset Strip

Sunset Strip refers to scoring 77 points in a single round.

49. Trophy Darts

The term Trophy Darts is a compliment for accurate throwing.

50. White Horse

A White Horse is when a player hits three triples before any other player, on their first turn, in the game of Cricket.

51. Upstairs

The area composed of the upper half of a dartboard is referred to as the upstairs.

52. Web

The web is the term used for the word Spider. It is the wiring on the dartboard which separates individual areas and beds.

53. Bed

Each section of a particular number located on the dartboard is called a Bed.

54. Game Shot

The winning shot in a game of darts is known as ‘Game Shot.’

55. White House

White House is a term used in the game of Cricket, where the player scores three new triples.


What are the common terms used in darts for double twenty?

Common terms used in darts for a double 20 are: tops and double top.

Michael Fielding

Michael Fielding

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