How To Play 501 Darts?

how to play 501 darts

Most professional dart matches use the rules for 501 darts. It is one of the most straightforward game variations and starts with a high enough score for players to use various strategies. While 501 darts is popular, beginners may not understand all the rules. Luckily, the gameplay is straightforward. Keep reading to learn how to … Read more

How To Play Baseball Darts?

how to play baseball darts

Baseball darts is a fun alternative to classic darts games. In this game, you do not need to attempt to reach exactly zero. While the gameplay is more casual compared to standard darts, it is also a little complicated at first. If you are looking for another way to play darts, check out the following … Read more

Why are Dartboard Numbers In That Order?

why are dartboard numbers in that order_

Dartboards include 20 numbered scoring zones. The numbers range from 1 to 20 but do not appear in order. So, why are dartboard numbers placed out of order?  The numbers are in this order to make it more difficult and limit the chance of luck. Here’s a closer look at dartboard numbers and their arrangement. … Read more

What Is a Triple 20 in Darts?

what is a triple 20?

The game of darts includes a variety of unique terms and phrases that beginners may not understand, such as Triple 20. Scoring a triple 20 means that you hit the triple scoring zone of the number 20 three times. What Is a Triple 20 in Darts? A triple 20 in darts is a specific section … Read more

How to Play 301 Darts

how to play 301 darts

Darts is one of the most popular games in pubs and bars worldwide. There are also dozens of variations of the game, including 301 darts. So, how do you play 301 darts? The first player to score a total of 301 points wins. However, there’s much more to it than that. Here’s everything you need … Read more

Darts Stance

Dart Stance

The Darts stance is the position of your feet and body when throwing darts. There are many different body positions that darts players assume based on preference. So long as their feet remain behind the toe line or ‘Oche.’ Types Of Dart Stance Many Darts players prefer to take up different stances, no matter what … Read more

WIN.MAX Electronic Dartboard Review

This is our review of the WIN MAX Electronic Dartboard I’m a keen darts enthusiast who’s had experience testing some of the best dartboard brands. I’ve recently taken an in-depth look at the WIN.MAX Electronic Dartboard to help you determine if this product is a good purchase, or not. In this review of the WIN.MAX … Read more