5 Best Outdoor Dart Boards for 2021

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It’s common to find a dart board setup in your local cafe, pub or social club. But if you want to improve you’re going to want to practice more regularly than once or twice per week. In which case, you’ll need to install a dart board at home.

Although, it may be difficult for some to setup a dartboard in their home, whether that be due to lack of space or disapproval from their partner. Alternatively, you can setup your dartboard outside.

Therefore, we’ve collected a list of the best outdoor dartboards, to help give you a helping hand.

Best Outdoor Dart Boards: Our Top Picks

As you may know, dartboards come in a wide array of materials, designs, and setups. Suited to all types of players, whether that be young children, large groups or solo play. So, we’ve tried to include something suited for everyone in our list of reviews.

So, here is a detailed review of each one of our favorites. 

1.    Viper Shot King Outdoor Dartboard Set

Viper Shot King Outdoor Dartboard Set

The Viper Shot King is among one of the best selling dart boards. It’s made from self-healing compressed sisal fibers, which helps keep it in good condition. Also, the spider wires are crafted from galvanized steel to increase endurance.

Another feature we like about this board is the attention to detail. For example, the bull’s eye is staple-free, so the darts wont deflect if hit. Furthermore, the number ring is detachable and rotatable. So after a few months of rough competitions, you can rotate the board, allowing for often hit segments to recover.

The Viper Shot King is made to regulation size, so if you want to train for the big leagues, this one’s for you. It’s also easy to install, and comes with measuring tape for marking the throwline, plus two sets of darts.

The price is amazingly moderate, considering all the features of this board. 

  • Reputable brand
  • Made to regulation size
  • Self-healing material
  • Galvanized steel spider
  • Moderate price
  • The darts are slightly too lightweight

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2. Theefun Safety Dart Board Set

Theefun Safety Dart Board Set

Theefun Safety dart board was designed with special consideration for the young ones.

Instead of steel tip darts, the Theefun dartboard is safe for children, as they use softer rubber tip darts. These darts come with the board, and come set in two different colors.

The surface of the board is made up from plastic bristles, designed to grab hold of the dart tip as they hit the board. Although you wouldn’t think so, they don’t fall out easily, you don’t particularly need to throw hard in order to make them stick.

This 16-inch board can be installed on a wall, but also comes with a metal bracket, so you can put it on a shelf or a table. This versatility is of course a huge plus.

The material of this dart board is suitable for outdoor activities, as it wouldn’t be effected by overexposure to sunlight or rain. Also, it doesn’t require any electricity or batteries. It’s clearly portable, and you can set it up anywhere you like. As for its price; it’s a real catch!

  • Child-friendly
  • Wall or surface mounting
  • Weather-proof materials
  • Comes with two sets of darts
  • Good price
  • The darts are quite fragile

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3. CX L SUM Magnetic Dart Board

CX L SUM Magnetic Dart Board

This is another option that provides tons of fun for the whole family. The fact that you’re able to practically roll-up these boards is a great feature, making them completely portable and easily stored away. Additionally, installation is just as simple; you just hang it on anything at all. Even a window or tree trunk!

Interestingly, this game comes in two game varieties: displaying a regular dart board on one side and a bull’s eye game on the flip side. It’s comes complete with four sets of color-coded magnetic darts, so this game can accommodate 4 players or teams at a time.

Even though this dart board is a roll-up, it’s made to the regular size with a 15-inch target face. The magnetic darts are quite strong too, and once they hit the face they stick really well. These darts are of course safe for kids, as well as your walls.

They’re crafted from a soft material so you can install this dart board anywhere you like. And when the games are all done, storing this dart board is no hassle at all, as it easily fits in the smallest space.

  • 2 games in 1
  • Fully portable
  • Easy to install and roll-out
  • Safe for kids
  • Wouldn’t damage the walls
  • Comes with 12 darts
  • Takes up little storage space
  • Good price
  • The darts are quite fragile

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4.    Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Standing Electronic Dartboard

Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Standing Electronic Dartboard

From simple, to top tech! The Arachnid Cricket Pro is a unique setup that doesn’t require mounting or installation. It’s a standing dartboard and game station that you can install anywhere. You just need to have a power outlet close by.

This free-standing dart board comes with a 15-inch target area, 24 games, and 132 variations. So you’re never going to run out of options when it comes to skill games you can play, either solo or with a group of friends. There’s also a voice prompt to call in each player, automatic score calculation, and volume control.

The face of the board is designed to minimize bounce-outs and other irregularities. It’s color coding and circular spider are all tournament-grade.

The Arachnid isn’t exactly a toy. It measures around 13 x 24 x 85 inches and weighs approximately 75 Pounds. So it isn’t easy to manoeuvre, therefore it might be a good idea to install it in a permanent location.

You can take it out into the backyard when the weather is good, then store it inside during poor weather seasons. 

Finally, we come to the price. It’s hard to expect that a gem like this would come in cheap, and it doesn’t. But we think it’s worth the extra investment for a high quality dartboard that’ll keep you entertained for years without losing its quality.

  • Freestanding
  • Multitude of games
  • Single or multiplayer options
  • Automated scoring
  • Good quality
  • Expensive
  • Heavy

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5. Viper 797 Electronic Dartboard

If you like the Arachnid, but find its price and size too much to look past, then you should consider the Viper 797. It has all the perks of a standard electronic dartboard, yet it comes with a more affordable price tag and a much more compact size.

Speaking of size; the target face is a regulation size of 15.5 inches with thermal resin segments. The ultra-thin spider offers a glitch-free game that’s fair for all contestants. Also, it also allows for dart groupings in close proximity for maximum scores.

The Viper 797 is loaded with 43 games, each one of them has several variants, so you get to have around 240 different playing options. Additionally, you have the option to play solo, or up to 16 players.

The automated score-keeping is also a useful feature, which is common in all electronic dartboards. The large LCD display will update automatically with the score after each throw. And it’s not just your current points, you’ll also get some useful statistics on your game.

The previous features are complemented by the elegant color of the board, and the useful bay for storing your darts. This set comes with 6 soft-tip darts, all the hardware needed for mounting, in addition to a 5-Volt adapter. You don’t need batteries for this one.

  • Tournament grade dartboard
  • Multiple game options
  • Up to 16 players can use it
  • Automated scoring
  • Good price
  • Needs to be screwed into place
  • Needs to be screwed into place
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How To Choose the Right Outdoor Dart Board?

You might’ve noticed from the previous roundup, and from browsing the available products, that there’s a large variety of options available. Picking just one can seem intimidating.

However, making a final decision can be much easier, once you know what you’re requirements are. For instance, are you looking for something portable or child friendly.


The general usage of a board should be your starting point. Is it a recreational family game? or a spot where a group of experienced players gathers for heated competitions? Moreover, is this for a residential setting? Or for a more formal setting?

What works in the backyard of a large family, would vary significantly from a dart board that fits outside a diner.

Skill Level

Beginners often look for budget-friendly options that are easy to install and use. For starters, they’re not too sure if they’re going to pursue it as a hobby, therefore a magnetic board might seem to be the wiser option.

More experienced players, on the other hand, have different requirements. They need a dart board that’s made to the same size, material, and finishing as tournament standard varieties.

The more experienced players should look to pay a bit more to acquire a higher quality dart board.  

Age Group

The age of the players would determine the kind of board and darts that you should be looking to purchase. Adults can play with any darts, however younger players should only play with soft tip or magnetic darts.


Setting up a dart board outdoors can mean installing it in a lot of locations: the backyard is often the first spot that comes to mind. But these games can just as well be placed in a patio, a terrace, or in a recreational open area in any facility.

The best outdoor dart board for you depends entirely on where you’re looking to install it.


Some dart boards need plenty of hardware and some manual labor for screwing them on the wall. While others are freestanding units that only need a power outlet to work. Besides these, a few models come with mounting brackets for support on a flat surface.

Outdoor installations are best when you can set up your game, then take it down when the day is done. Freestanding units and roll-up varieties that you can hang on anything at all are therefore best suited for this.

Material and Durability

Dart boards are often made from sisal, plastic, rubber, or wood. While all these are fine sturdy materials, not all of them are capable of withstanding the rough weather outdoors.

Some of these materials rust, some can’t take the humidity, while others mould. That’s why plastic and rubber are seen as the most suitable material for outdoor dart boards.


The prices of dart boards range from about $25 to upwards of $250. The branded boards are naturally more expensive, although they are often much higher in quality.


Dart games are loaded with excitement and suspense. These games are social events that bring families and friends together. It’s hard to get bored with darts, as the more you play, the better you’re likely to become.

To make sure you enjoy your game, we recommend you invest in a top-notch board. In which case, we feel that the Viper Shot King Dartboard easily takes the top spot, with its premium quality material, professional-grade design, well-known brand, and fair price.

However, if you’re looking for a child-friendly board, then you should consider the CX L SUM Magnetic Dart Board. This two-in-one darts game can be easily mounted anywhere and provides tons of entertainment for the kids.

Do you have a dartboard set up outdoors? If so, let us know which one you’re using.

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