The 5 Best Electronic Dartboards to Buy in 2020

The 5 Best Electronic Dartboards to Buy in 2020

Do you enjoy playing darts either professionally or as a hobby? If so, then investing in an electronic dartboard is a smart thing to do! Electronic dartboards use soft tip darts which means they’re family-friendly and won’t punch holes in the walls if you mistakenly miss your shot.

Electronic dartboards guarantee accurate score keeping and make for endless hours of entertainment! Plus, stylish cabinetry makes them easy to blend with any home decor. Meaning you can have your board in any room of the house, although they make the perfect addition to your man cave, believe me!

TL;DR – Our Choice of the 5 Best Electronic Dartboards

  1. Arachnid Cricket Pro
  2. WIN.MAX Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard
  3. Franklin Sports FS6000
  4. Viper Neptune Dartboard
  5. Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0

Below, we’ve reviewed what our experts feel are five of the best electronic dartboards currently on the market, with detailed reviews of each in order to help you in choosing the right one.

Keep reading for a review of each board, as well as more detailed information about this classic game of skill!

#1 Arachnid Cricket Pro 800

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800

Play like a pro with the Arachnid Cricket Pro 800. This electronic dartboard offers a regulation size 15.5-inch target area that lets you play like you’re in a tournament. It has a traditional red, black, and yellow backdrop for an authentic appearance that only Arachnid offers.

This dartboard does more than your average set-up! Made with thin segment dividers, you get fewer bounce-outs and square holes that quickly draw dart tips into the board.

Durable nylon segments make the Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 a long-lasting, tough as nails choice. Accuracy won’t be an issue while playing on this board thanks to its highly responsive sensors that deliver incredible efficiency.

Play one of 40 games, including seven cricket games, for hours of endless entertainment. Its ‘Heckler Feature’ makes the game more interactive and has three levels of heckler cheers and player harassing outcries.

An exclusive must-have feature you only see with the Cricket Pro 800 is its built-in dart averaging function. This innovative technology offers the average point per dart (PPD) at the end of each player round.

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#2 WIN.MAX Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard Set

WIN.MAX Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard Set

The WIN.MAX Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard makes an excellent addition to your man-cave or entertainment room! It offers 21 games with 65 variations, meaning you can enjoy hours of fun.

Designed with an ultra-thin spider, this board reduces bounce-outs and encourages higher scores. With a large surface area, you can enjoy an increased ratio of landed shots and spend less time picking up darts off the floor!

Whether you practice professionally or play as a hobby, this Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard is an excellent choice to consider. It has an outer diameter of 16.5″ and an inner diameter of 13.8,” which gives you plenty of target surface. This board is nice and compact, weighing just 3.4 pounds.

Everything you need to play comes right in the box which saves you money, having to buy any extra accessories. You get six soft tip darts with 40 additional tips and all your mounting hardware. One aspect noticeably missing with the WIN.MAX is a decorative cabinet for storing away the board. The lack of aesthetics makes this option a better choice for gaming rooms or bar areas because it won’t look as lovely while it’s not in use.

The WIN.MAX board has a large LCD that makes scorekeeping easier than ever. You get a real-time score so you can enjoy fair gameplay and win with confidence.

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#3 Franklin Sports FS6000

Franklin Sports FS6000

The Franklin Sports FS6000 is a tournament-style board that offers a large 15.5″ target surface. With 28 games and over 120 variations, you can enjoy countless hours emersed in the game of darts. The Franklin Sports FS6000 is an excellent choice for practice or just for enjoyment!

Mounting this board is a snap, and everything you need is right in the box. This digital board offers built-in stowaway space to keep your darts and a large LCD for accurate score keeping. The Franklin Sports FS6000 also lacks in terms of appearance with thick plastic cabinets that don’t look as good as the wood finish options available.

You get six soft-tipped darts and six replacement tips so you won’t have to miss a game because you lost a tip. The official scoreboard guarantees accurate results so you can play confidently. This unit required three AAA batteries and also utilized an AC wall adapter.

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#4 Viper Neptune Dartboard

Viper Neptune

The Viper Neptune digital dartboard offers a sleek exterior and classic cabinet doors that will look good in any room of the house. It is regulation-size with 15.5″ of target surface for professional playing. Complete with an ultra-thin spider that limits bounce-outs, this board is perfect for practice games or just for entertainment too!

The Viper Neptune includes 57 games with an impressive 307 options. This board is excellent for larger groups and accommodates up to 16-players in a single game. Its LCD gives you a clear view of scoring and game statistics so you can make the most out of your play.

Everything needed is in the box, including six soft-tip darts and mounting hardware. The cabinet has built-in dart holders and a beautiful wood finish that makes it the perfect man-cave equipment.

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#5 Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0

Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0

The Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0 is an electronic dartboard cabinet that offers 13.5″ target area. You can enjoy countless time playing all of your favorite dart matches with its 34 games and 183 variations. Wooden cabinet doors make this board a stylish choice that will look incredible no matter where you mount it. It has a glossy walnut finish that complements any space and inside storage for keeping darts put away.

The Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0 is perfect for playing against all your friends, as up to eight people can play at once. It offers four LCD score displays for accurate results and two additional cricket LCDs.

You can enjoy more immersive play thanks to a built-in ‘heckler’ feature that applauds good scores and heckles poor shots. The ‘heckler’ feature is optional so you can play in quiet if you prefer.

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Why Purchase an Electronic Dartboard?

Electronic dartboards are fun for the whole family! Most include soft-tip darts, which are safer than traditional steel tips. Soft tip darts have a plastic point and work with electronic boards. The board is full of tiny holes in which the dart lands and automatically enter the score.

Every area on the board contains an impact sensor that sends a signal to the electronic system. Electronic results allow for accurate scorekeeping and give you more in-depth statistics about the gameplay.

Steel tip darts are more substantial than soft tips and have a maximum per dart weight of 52-grams. Soft-end darts are much lighter and have a maximum per dart weight of between 16 and 18-grams.

While some players have reservations about using anything besides steel-tips, soft-tip leagues are becoming increasingly popular. Interestingly, top steel-tip players make the soft-tip tournaments a stop on their annual tour.

Materials Used

As we’ve already mentioned, electronic dartboards use soft-tip darts. These come in several different materials, which include brass, nickel, and silver or tungsten. The tip consists mainly of molded plastic, which makes them safer for kids to you. Though, you should never let children play with darts unsupervised.

Electronic dartboards are explicitly designed for use with these darts and have holes covering the surface of the target area. These holes have sensors that relay a message to the electronic system for accurate scorekeeping.

Top Electronic Dartboard Manufacturers

When it comes to choosing your next electronic dartboard, several manufacturers are available for you to choose. The problem is that not everyone creates the same quality in their designs.

The most popular brands are Viper and Arachnid. Arachnid is the first maker of soft-tip darts and is still considered to be a premier brand. This line upholds its reputation for high-quality electronic darts and accessories. With multiple different board styles to choose from, Arachnid is genuinely the go-to brand for this style of equipment.

Viper dart products are the second most popular. This line is ideal for any dart-lover, from newbies to enthusiasts. Viper creates darts in both steel and soft-tipped, making it a popular name among professional players too.

Franklin is another popular choice among more casual dart enthusiasts. Franklin is a family-owned manufacturer since 1946 and continues to ensure quality craftsmanship which reflects in their dart products. Though Franklin is not as famous as Viper or Arachnid, it is a brand worth mentioning, especially for more casual players.

One aspect where Arachnid and Viper shine is in aesthetics. Their boards offer a stylish choice that looks good no matter where you mount it. Wood-finish cabinetry and quality craftsmanship shine through and set these two names apart from the competition. Whereas, with Franklin products, you don’t see the wood finish. Instead, you get plastic cabinet doors which aren’t as high-quality.

Soft-Tip Darts by Weight

As we’ve mentioned, electronic dartboards use soft tip darts, which are lighter than traditional steel tips. To measure darts, you weigh the whole dart, including the barrel, flight, and shaft. Initially, these darts were lighter because of the electronic mechanism that was quite delicate and couldn’t handle the impact of anything more substantial. Today, the technology is improved, which is why darts are now more significant than they once were.

The most common weights used in soft-tipped darts are:

  • 16g
  • 18g
  • 20g

Parts of a Dart:
Four parts make up a dart: the point, barrel, shaft, and flight. Each section serves an essential purpose, and the dart wouldn’t function without all four components. Let’s examine the four parts of a dart.

The points (tips) come in plastic or steel. Plastic tips are most familiar with electronic dartboards and are safer for the whole family. You must never use steel tips on a soft tip board because it will break the electric elements and ruin the game. Soft-tipped darts work fine on bristle boards which are usually for steel tips.

Specific darts have removable tips while others have fixed. Every dart has a tip that retracts slightly on impact. This motion allows the dart to continue it’s forward movement when it connects with a hard surface and eliminates bounce-outs.

The shaft comes in different lengths, materials, and styles. The most frequent materials are aluminum, plastic, titanium, or nylon, with the darts’ length dictating how stable it is while in flight.

The barrel is the part that’s the most customizable and comes in tons of styles, materials, sizes, and grips depending on personal preference. The barrel is the part that holds most of the weight and determines how dense the dart is as a whole. Barrels often weigh between 16 and 30-grams, but there are options available that are lighter or heavier too.

Standard materials are brass, nickel, wood, and even plastic, though wood and plastic are the least commonly used. Brass options are the cheapest and most durable, making them the most popular. The different grips are smooth, ringed, and knurled, while ringed grips offer the best hold.

Shafts also come in varied materials and styles. The shaft is aluminum, nylon, or plastic, with aluminum being a popular choice. The length of the shaft dictates how stable it is during flight. Longer ones are better for overcrowding on the target area but often flail while in the air. The flail motion makes an otherwise accurate shot miss its mark.

There are specialty shafts available offering interchangeable tops, adjustable lengths, and even spinning-shafts. Sometimes the fit between the barrel and the rod gets loose. To fix this, use a rubber o-ring to stabilize it.

Dart flights come in standard and slim shapes with less common ones being Pear, Vector, Kite, and Vortex, among others. There are also different textures available: smooth, nylon, and Dimplex. A smooth flight lets the dark fly faster and gives less drag. More significant flights make for a slower dart that is better for angles.

Correctly understanding the structure of a dart allows you to start trying different variations. By experimenting, you can find the style that suits you best and improves your playing drastically.

That concludes our guide to the best electronic dartboards available. Things to keep in mind while making your selection are size, aesthetics, scorekeeping, and the style of darts used. If you plan to hang your board in a more visible room, be sure to opt for a Viper or Arachnid which offer more appealing cabinetry than other brands. Soft-tipped darts are more family-friendly than steel tips, but you should always supervise your kids while they play.

Whether you play professionally or for fun, darts is a fun way to entertain yourself for hours on end. This game of skill makes the perfect addition to your man cave or gaming room and will be a hit when company comes.

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