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What’s The Best Darts Weight To Use?

The weight of your darts affects your game a lot more than you think. So, you may be wondering, what is the best dart weight to use?

The truth is, there’s no wrong choice when choosing your darts. It’s more down to personal preference, although there are a few things to be aware of.

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What Is The Best Dart Weight To Use?

The most common darts weights are between 22 and 26 grams. However, current rules allow for darts to weigh up to as much as 50 grams. 

The weight of your darts makes a significant difference to their flight trajectory, as heavier darts will typically fly straighter than lighter darts, with lighter darts flying in a more arched trajectory. 

Standard Weight

The standard weight for darts is 22-24 grams. However, darts vary significantly in weight, from 18 to 50 grams, although it’s uncommon to see someone playing with darts over 35 grams.

Heavy Darts

Darts over 25 grams are considered heavy. Heavier darts have a straighter trajectory than light darts. Another advantage to heavy darts is that they sink deeper into the board. A player can minimize rebounding by throwing heavier darts. 

Light Darts

Light steel tip darts weigh between 18 and 21 grams. Soft tip darts are even lighter still due to their tip being made of plastic, commonly weighing 16 to 20 grams. 18 grams is the most popular choice for soft tip darts. 

What Dart Weight Do The Pros Use?

Will using the same weight darts as the pros make you a better thrower? No, but knowing what the pros use can give you a good starting point. 

22-gram darts are most popular among pros. This is the most popular weight for all players, as it sits closer to the light side but is not so light that it will affect most players’ throws.

Best Dart Weight for Beginners

The most popular weight, according to sales, is 22 grams. We recommend starting with slightly heavier darts, about 26 grams, to help improve aim and momentum.


The weight of darts you use is purely a matter of personal preference. The best way to determine the best dart weight for you is to practice with different weights and choose one which feels right to you.

Michael Fielding

Michael Fielding

Michael has been playing Darts for more than 20 years and is passionate about helping others improve their game through his own experiences.