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5 Best Dartboard Backboards for 2023

Dartboard backboards help to protect the wall behind your dartboard from damage. But, you may have wondered, which is the best backboard and how do I choose?

Dartboard backboards are a great investment, particularly for beginners. As chances are, some of your darts will miss the board leaving holes in your wall and damaging your darts.

So, we’ve reviewed a several backboards and listed some of the main features of each. Here’s all you need to know about choosing the best dartboard backboard.

5 Best Dartboard Backboards: Our Top Picks

  1. Viper Defender 3 Dartboard Backboard
  2. Winmau Professional Dartboard Surround
  3. Viper Championship Wood Framed Backboard Set
  4. Viper Defender Backboard
  5. Dart-Stop Pro Series Backboard

1. Viper Defender 3 Backboard

Viper Defender 3 Backboard

The Viper Defender 3 works with both standard 17.75-inch and 18-inch bristle dartboards. It provides 8.2 square feet of protection and offers 1-inch thick high-density foam.

This sleek-looking backboard has a velvet surface that shows minimal signs of wear and is easy to assemble.

This dartboard backing is reversible and designed for lasting protection. It offers a pressed fit against both the wall and board for the best play experience.

This surround is not suitable for outdoor use as it won’t hold up against the elements.

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  • Compatible with most standard bristle dartboards
  • Protects 8.2 square feet of wall space
  • Easily fits together, like a puzzle
  • 18″ boards fit very tightly

2. Winmau Professional Surround Backboard

Winmau Professional Surround Backboard

The Winmau Professional Surround is an ideal choice for use at home or in any games room. It works with Winmau bristle dartboards, excluding the Rebel.

This wall protector provides a stylish choice with a professional look. The Winmau Professional Surround costs more than other options but has quality construction.

The molded foam structure is excellent for protecting the surrounding areas. It adds 4.5 inches of extra coverage and eliminates the need for a cabinet.

This dartboard backing mounts to the board and works with all Winmau products other than Winmau Rebel.

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  • Compatible with Winmau bristle boards
  • Professional appearance
  • Molded foam
  • 4 1/2″ wall coverage
  • Won’t fit the Winmau Rebel

#3 Viper Championship Wood Framed Set

Viper Championship Wood Frame Backboard

The Viper Championship Backboard Set offers a bold mahogany finish. It looks good with practically any home decor and adds style to any games room.

This backboard set holds four sets of darts and fits most dartboards. The backboard is high-grade black felt that grips dart tips, reducing bounce-outs.

Complete with a storage rack and 12 flight pockets, this set gives you an ideal place to store your darts. It includes a dry-erase scoreboard that makes it easy to keep track of scoring.

The Viper Championship Backboard Set includes everything you need:

  • One dry-erase scoreboard
  • One marker
  • A dart storage rack

Its unique materials offer the perfect combination of flex and rigidity.

This backing has a plush fabric surface area with no dart holes, even after months of continuous use. These materials grip darts and prevent them from falling on the floor.

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  • Mahogany finish
  • Complete set includes storage rack and 12 flight pockets
  • Dry erase scoreboard
  • Plush fabric backing
  • Board and darts sold separately

4. Viper Defender Dartboard Backboard

Viper Defender Dartboard Backboard

The Viper Defender Backboard fits any standard 17.75-inch bristle board and gives 5-inches of protection.

Complete with a soft-touch velvet surface, this backing minimizes signs of wear from stray darts. 

This option is also fully reversible, which extends its lifespan. The Viper Defender is also available for an affordable price.

Made of high-density V-Foam, it offers the perfect combination of rigidity and flex. These elements help to reduce bounce-outs.

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  • Fits standard 17.75″ dartboards
  • Provides 5″ of wall protection
  • Fully reversible
  • High-density V-foam
  • Some darts still puncture the wall

#5 Dart-Stop Pro Series 29″ Backboard

Dart-Stop Pro Series 29" Backboard

The Pro Series 29″ dartboard backboard from Dart-Stop comes in three different finishes: black, burgundy, and tan.

The Pro Series 29″ has a no-holes fabric finish that conceals holes left behind by darts. This option also includes a pre-installed mounting system that makes it easy to hang your board.

It works well with any sized dartboard and offers a 3/4 inch engineered wood backing. 

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  • 29″ surface area
  • 3/4″ wood backing
  • No-hole fabric
  • Three colors available
  • Expensive

Why do you need a Dartboard Backboard?

Using a dartboard backboard while playing darts not only prevents your walls from damage but your darts too. Each time darts hit a hard surface, it damages the tip, often forming a small hook. A damaged dart tip leads to further damage to your dartboard when removing your darts from the board.

How to Choose the Best Dartboard Backboard

Materials Available

A backboards’ materials make a world of difference. It dictates the level of protection and lifespan the backboard offers.

Cork Backboards

Cork is an affordable choice that performs reasonably well. This style is very lightweight and easy to install. They also last for a reasonable amount of time. The downside to cork wall protectors is their appearance, which is unappealing.

Foam Backboards

You might not think of foam as an excellent material to protect your walls, but it is! This style is perfect for indoor use; they’re lightweight and easy to install. Another plus to foam is its minimalist design but functions quite well though it will deteriorate relatively quickly.

Wood Backboards

Wood is the original material used for dartboard backings. It’s more substantial than most others but serves its purpose. One issue with wood is that it shows puncture holes and starts to look worn quickly.

Fabric Backboards

Fabric and felt dartboard wall protectors are suitable because they’re easy on the darts. Wood is a hard material that can damage your equipment when it strikes. In comparison, the softer fabric material won’t cause your dart to split or break.

Backboard Brands

Some backboard brands stand out from the rest as they have been around for a long time. The top brands to consider are Viper, Winmau, and Arachnid, among others.

Backboard Sizes

You want to choose a backboard that fits your dartboard and gives you enough protection around the edges.

Ideally, you want the largest surface area possible surrounding your dartboard. Most backings offer at least a four-inch barrier, though some provide much more.

Depending on the style of the backboard, you may need to consider the size of your board to make sure that they’re compatible. If the backboard fits around the rim of the board, you need to be sure that the size matches the board correctly.

Whereas, if the backing is one solid piece, you can hang your board over the top of it. This design works universally with any sized board.

Backboard Shapes

There are a few different shape backboards to choose from.

Round options offer less protection than other shapes because the surface area is smaller. Some people find this shape more aesthetically pleasing and more natural to blend with their home decor.

Square and rectangular shapes give a much larger area of coverage. They’re also universal and work well with any size or shape of a dartboard. This style backing is generally one piece of material that you hang the board over the top to protect your walls.

Depending on your tastes, you might consider a hexagon or octagon-shaped backing. These are more distinct, and some people prefer them to the traditional square or circular designs.

Value for Money

You want to buy a dartboard backing that offers excellent value for money. A few aspects add value, such as the quality of construction, brand, and materials used.

It’s always lovely when the backing comes as a set with the board included. Though, one with any other extras like flights, darts, or scoreboards is a bonus.

Wood is going to cost more than a felt backboard because the material is more expensive. Wood backings are of higher quality, but they still have drawbacks too. If you’re looking for something cheaper, fabric or a cork backboard would be best.

Michael Fielding

Michael Fielding

Michael has been playing Darts for more than 20 years and is passionate about helping others improve their game through his own experiences.