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Best Dart Shafts for 2023

When choosing a perfect shaft, there is a range of options, including length, thread, and shape. So how do you go about choosing the best dart shaft?

To help you choose, we’ve reviewed a list of the best dart shafts available. We’ve also created a buyer’s guide to help you know what aspects to consider before making a choice.

So, let’s get into it.

Best Dart Shafts: Our Top Picks

  1. MAXMAU 9 Set Aluminum Dart Shafts
  2. Tezoro Aluminum Darts Shafts
  3. Gracefulvara Supergrip Dart Shafts
  4. Aketek 3 Set Darts Shafts (KDS005)
  5. Cavalier Darts Aluminum Dart Shafts
  6. Dart World Top Spin Shaft
  7. Cavalier Darts 53mm Aluminum Dart Shafts

1. MAXMAU 9 Set Aluminum Dart Shafts

The Maxmau Aluminum Dart Shaft set comes with nine different dart shafts. Among these nine sets include grooved, carved, and smooth.

The grooved and smooth shafts are 48mm in length. In comparison, carved shafts are 45mm.

Being short in size, they turn out to be the best option if you are looking for a shorter shaft. Moreover, all these shafts are made from aluminum.

Although these shafts are hard to break, they might bend when dropped. Maxmau shafts are made with a 2BA groove, making them compatible with different products with a similar thread.

  • Available in 48mm and 45mm pieces
  • Offers carved, grooved, and smooth shafts
  • Also includes O-rings
  • Constructed with aluminum for extended durability
  • Highly compatible thread type
  • Available in 3 different designs and colors
  • Prone to warp easily

2. Tezoro Aluminum Darts Shafts

The Tezoro dart shaft set is 53mm long, making it a medium-length shaft. Another beneficial aspect of buying this shaft is its highly compatible groove.

It comes set with a 2BA thread, meaning that it’s compatible with most barrels. These darts are also made from aluminum, keeping them lightweight, weighing around 1.5 grams.

This shaft also comes with a packet of O-rings. These rings make it easy to fit the parts tightly with any shaft.

  • Available in 2BA groove
  • Comes in different colors
  • 53 mm long dart shafts
  • Includes O-rings for each shaft
  • Metal box is also provided with 30 and 40 pieces
  • Affordable
  • All shafts are of same design

3. Gracefulvara Dart Shafts

Gracefulvara Darts Shafts are durable and lightweight, making them a great option for any player.

These shafts are made with high-grade aluminum, which provides a strong shaft.

These shafts are 52mm long, while the thread size is 4.5mm.

This size is equal to 6BA or 7BA thread, making it a less common choice. So, make sure to check whether it will fit with your barrel before buying.

All the shafts included in this package are grooved, making for an improved grip and keeping the shaft lighter.

  • Available in 2BA groove
  • 52 mm / 2.07 inches long
  • Durable and lightweight construction
  • Grooved dart shafts
  • Less common 7BA thread

4. Aketek 3 Set Darts Shafts

The Aketek Dart Shaft is designed to provide an improved grip. These shafts are made from aluminum, making them lightweight and durable.

These shafts are also affordable, making them a great choice for beginners. Despite their low price, these shafts provide a good level of performance and durability.

These dart shafts have a 2BA groove, making them universal with most dart parts.

  • Available in three different colors
  • Common grove size: 2BA
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Doesn’t come with O-rings

5. Cavalier Darts Aluminum Dart Shafts

At 50mm in length, these Cavalier Dart Shafts are a perfect choice if you’re looking for a medium-length shaft. They have a standard 2BA groove, which allows it to be used with most barrels.

These Cavalier Darts are made from a quality, lightweight aluminum. This gives them the required strength and minimizes their weight. Compared with shafts made from alloy, these dart shafts are lightweight.

Moreover, these shafts also serve as a great option for beginners.

  • 50mm’s in length long
  • 2BA Thread
  • Very lightweight shafts
  • The product is made from aluminum
  • Doesn’t come with O-rings

6. Dart World Top Spin Shaft

The Dart World Top Spin Shaft is designed to help improve your game. Although these shafts are expensive, they are one of the best.

These dart shafts are built with industrial-grade and high-quality anodized aluminum. These materials help to prevent fading or rusting. Meaning your dart shafts will keep their appearance for a longer time.

  • Anodized aluminum construction
  • Fitted with a spinning top
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with screw thread
  • Less durable than other options

7. Cavalier Darts 53mm Aluminum Dart Shafts

The Cavalier Aluminum Dart Shafts set come in a package of five different colors so that you can choose based on your style.

These darts are 53mm long and have a 2BA groove that fits many different barrels.

  • Durable and lightweight
  • Comes with O-Rings
  • 2BA groove fits most dart flights
  • Perfect for both steel tips and soft tips
  • The flight channel is relatively tight

Daft Shaft Buyer’s Guide

Like many dart players, if you’re looking to play like a pro, you’ll want the equipment of one too. As playing with low-quality equipment will harm your game.

Using a quality dart shaft can help improve your game. So, if you’re in the market for a quality dart shaft, here are some of the most important things to consider.

Types of Dart Shaft

There is a wide range of dart shafts available to choose from. Most of which are compatible with almost every barrel. However, it’s essential to check before making a purchase.

Simply knowing the different types of shafts available will help your buying decision. Below are some of the most popular types of shafts to choose from.

Carbon Fiber: These types of shafts are durable and lightweight. Although it’s considered the best material, carbon fiber shafts are also more expensive.

Nylon: Nylon dart shafts are relatively new to the market. These shafts are lightweight and flexible. They are identical to plastic shafts yet more durable.

Metal: Metal dart shafts are usually made of aluminum, as this material offers the required strength without compromising weight. Some of the aluminum shafts are hollowed, which makes them even lighter.

Spinning: Spinning shafts can spin when you throw them into the air, hence the name. The rotation helps the dart fly in a straight path and improves accuracy.

What to Consider when Buying Dart Shafts

While choosing your new set of dart shafts, you must consider the following elements before doing so.

Shaft Length

Shaft length plays a huge part when throwing darts. A longer shaft would be a viable choice when you want to hold the shaft closer to the back end. On the contrary, if you generally hold the dart close to the front end, a shorter shaft would be a more suitable option.

Shaft Thread

When it comes to the thread of a shaft, you have to match it with the barrel of your dart. The shaft and barrel should fit together firmly. Furthermore, you also need to keep in mind the size of the barrel thread.

Shaft Material

When buying a dart shaft, shaft material is another essential aspect to keep in mind. The material of a shaft affects the handling of a dart. 

It would be appropriate to use a shaft and barrel made of similar material for a perfect balance.

Taking Care of Your Dart Shafts

After continual use, your darts can become worn. In which case, eventually, you’ll need to replace them as this can have a detrimental effect on your darts flight.

You should be inspecting the condition of your darts after each time you play.

How to Replace a Dart Shaft

Dart shafts play a crucial role in keeping control over your dart. Therefore, it’d be best to try a variety of shafts before you settle on a particular set.

If you aren’t sure which shaft would be the right choice for your darts, try a few variations until you feel comfortable. In which case, you’ll need to learn how to replace the shaft. To do so, follow these simple instructions.

  1. To begin with, you have to remove the flight from the back of your dart.
  2. Then, hold the shaft in one hand and the barrel in the other, and proceed to unscrew the barrel by holding the shaft tightly.
  3. Before replacing the shaft, make sure that both threads of the barrel and shaft are identical. Screw the existing barrel on the new shaft if it’s a perfect match.


The shafts reviewed above are the best of what’s currently available. This hopefully makes it easier for you to choose the best dart shaft for your game.

Choosing the appropriate type of dart shaft depends entirely on your personal preference and game style. We feel that when weighing up the quality, design, versatility, and durability, the MAXMAU dart shafts are a clear winner.

Michael Fielding

Michael Fielding

Michael has been playing Darts for more than 20 years and is passionate about helping others improve their game through his own experiences.