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5 Best Dart Flights for 2023

Dart flights help to stabilize the flight path of your darts. So, they must remain free from damage for an optimal flight path.

Experienced players know that using the right dart flight can make a world of difference.

Since there are so many variations, it can be tricky knowing which dart flight to choose. Knowing the benefits of each design will help to narrow down your choice.

So, our team has reviewed a list of the best dart flights you can buy. To help you make a decision.

So, let’s get into it.

Best Dart Flights: Our Top Choices

  1. Harrows Retina Mixed Color Standard Flights
  2. Winmau Rhino Standard Extra Thick Flights
  3. IgnatGames Dart Flights
  4. Viper Assorted Dimplex Flights
  5. CueSoul Slim Dart Flights

1. Harrows Retina Mixed Color Standard Flights

Harrows Retina Mixed Color Standard Flights

Harrows Retina Standard flights are perfect for players of any skill level. If you tend to throw with a curve or lob, these regular-shaped flights will work well for you.

They offer 100-micron construction that isn’t too thick. These flights are durable and will last longer than some other options available.

Harrows Retina flights have a sleek appearance, with several different colors available. With black, blue, purple, and even lime green shades.

The Retina 100-micron includes a laminate coating, making it a strong flight. Its unique technologies make for exceptional performance and help improve accuracy.

This product is an affordable choice, plus you get 15 flights in total.

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  • 100-micron construction
  • Outer performance
  • Laminated design
  • Ideal for any skill level
  • Lightweight yet durable

2. Winmau Rhino Standard Flights – [Extra Thick]

Winmau Rhino Standard Flights

The Winmau Rhino Standard dart flight is a professional quality flight that will improve your dart flight.

Winmau’s Rhino Flights are extra-thick, making them durable and longer-lasting.

These flights also come in various designs and colors, including graphics and flags.

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  • Professional-grade dart flight
  • Extra thick construction
  • Trusted brand
  • Multiple graphics and colorways
  • Are thought to be on the heavier side

3 IgnatGames Dart Flights & Accessories Kit

IgnatGames Dart Flights

The IgnatGames Dart Flight Kit is a great solution for beginner darts players. It includes ten sets of flights with standard and slim sizes and a pack of six plastic flight protectors.

These flights have a long-lasting polyester build that won’t break after a few games.

You can enjoy switching between colors as there are ten different shades in each pack. With hues like Gold, Red, Blues, and Green, you won’t get tired of looking at these flights.

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  • Ten sets of flights
  • Multiple designs and colors available
  • Fits most darts easily
  • Includes six flight protectors
  • Tear easily

4. Viper Dimplex Dart Flights

Viper Dimplex Dart Flights

Vipers’ Dimplex flights offer high-quality design and long-lasting build.

The dimpled texture makes the flight more durable and provides a smooth glide while in the air. Vipers’ Dimplex dart flights give you additional surface space that enhances control and results in more accurate shots.

Vipers’ Dimplex flights are standard-sized and promote stable flight.

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  • Dimpled surface
  • Durable design
  • Standard size
  • Promotes accuracy
  • Assorted sets only

5. CueSoul Slim Dart Flights

CueSoul Slim Flights

The Cuesoul Slim is a great choice with soft tip darts and offers durable construction. Made of long-lasting polyester, these flights hold up well with regular play. Their slim structure is lightweight and makes it easy to hit your target.

There are a variety of colors and graphics to choose from, so you won’t need to use the same design twice in one week. The quality of the CueSoul Slim Flight is better than expected, considering the low price.

The downside to CueSoul’s Slim Flights is a peeling issue around the edges. After a few games, you might notice that the material peels back near the corners.

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  • Slim structure
  • Durable polyester material
  • Ideal for soft tip darts
  • Lightweight
  • Begun to peel at the edges

Why are Dart Flights Important?

The flight is an integral part of your darts anatomy. Flights help to stabilize your darts while in flight.

Flights also enable you to personalize your gameplay by customizing your darts. With so many colors, textures, and graphic designs to choose from, the possibilities are limitless.

How to Choose the Best Flights for your Darts

Choosing your dart flights might sound like an easy task, but it’s something you should think about before you buy. There are a few components to consider that will affect the way you play.

The significant factors to consider while shopping for dart flights are.

Size and Shape

Flights come in many different forms. Specific configurations are suited to different players based on how you throw.

If you tend to lob your darts or throw slightly angled, then you won’t want the same style of flight as someone whose darts stick in the board backside up.

Finding the right shape takes time, and you will have to experiment to find the one that feels best. But, understanding the different forms and their results will help you narrow down your search.

Standard: The most common shape available and the largest, regular flights are a good starting point for any player. This kind is a reasonable choice if you enjoy playing with less force.

They offer stable flight and keep your dart straight while it’s in the air. This flight will improve your game if you tend to land shots that hang in the board with the tail to the floor.

The larger size gives your dart more drag and helps push the tip upwards. This effect fixes downward that downward angle many players struggle to overcome.

Slim: These flights are smaller than the standard kind. They’re ideal if you like to throw harder and faster and work best with lightweight or short shafted darts.

If you tend to throw high shots that land at an upwards angle, then choosing a slim flight might work best. Slim flights work well for tight groupings.

Teardrop: Teardrop, or pear shapes, are a completely original design. They give you more lift despite being small in size. This style is much rounder than other flights.

Fan Tail: These are a good option if you like playing with lightweight equipment. They’re ideal for hard throws and help you improve your average score by making it easier to keep control of your throw.

Smooth: Smooth options offer minimal drag and glide through the air. They come in many shapes, so you pick the one that suits your style.

Smooth flights are faster than other styles keeping the dart accurate to your throw and helping it land where you wanted.

No.6: A No.6 shaped dart flight is the same as a standard, only much smaller. They offer excellent stability and lift while the dart’s in flight. No.6 shapes give you excellent control and are ideal for new players.

Lantern: Lantern-shaped flights are an aerodynamic choice. They offer a unique shape that keeps the tail low while in the air. If your shots tend to land with the rear over the nose, then this is a great choice to consider.


The weight of a flight has a significant impact on how your dart is. Heavier ones have the advantage of being more durable and longer-lasting. In contrast, lighter flights let your dart sail through the air at faster speeds.

The various weights include 75 microns, 100 microns, and 150 microns.


That concludes our reviews of the best dart flights you can buy. We hope that we’ve helped you make the right choice when it comes to choosing your new dart flights.

Michael Fielding

Michael Fielding

Michael has been playing Darts for more than 20 years and is passionate about helping others improve their game through his own experiences.