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What Are The Best Dart Brands?

We’ve listed some of the best darts brands from around the world.



Harrows is a brand of darts and accessories well-known and respected in the darts community. The company was founded in 1973 in England and has since become a global brand with a wide range of products, including darts, flights, shafts, cases, and accessories.

Harrows are known for producing high-quality darts and dart equipment that amateur and professional players use. The company also sponsors professional darts players and events and has a strong presence in the industry.


Founded in 1992 in the United Kingdom, Target has since become a leading manufacturer of darts throughout the world.

Target offers a wide range of products, including darts, flights, shafts and cases, and is known for its innovative designs and high-quality materials.

Target also manufactures equipment for other companies and sponsors professional darts players and events around the world.


Winmau provides a range of darts equipment, most renowned for their dartboards.

Founded in 1946 in the United Kingdom. Winmau is a leading manufacturer in the darts industry and are respected for their use of advanced materials and technologies in their products.

For instance, their Dual Core and Triple Core range of dartboards. Which provide additional layers of sisal fibers, to provide added durability and longevity.


Founded in America in 1976 by Walt Bottelsen, they have designed and manufactured innovative darts and accessories for over forty years.

The company began after the founder, Walt, competed in an exhibition match against the world champion Alan Evans. In the final round, Walt had 3 of his darts bounce out of the board, which ultimately cost him the match.

Walt then developed a dart that would not ‘bounce out’, leading to the Hammer Head No Bounce dart under the Bottelsen brand.


Unicorn darts was founded in 1937 after a patent was granted for their first set of 3 darts, named the ‘Silver Bullet’.

Since then, Unicorn has gone on to become the most successful darts brand of all time, with the most champions using their products more than any other brand. With names such as Gary Anderson, James Wade and Michael Smith.

As of 2022, Unicorn have a augmented reality smartboard which is available to play at venues across the world.


Founded back in 1975 by a man named Rudy Allison, Arachnid are known to be the most innovative brand in electronic boards and soft tip darts.

During the mid-eighties, Arachnid began publishing the popular BullShooter magazine, which is still in publication today. In addition, Arachnid began to market internationally, setting up their own tournament the BullShooter World Challenge of Champions Tournament. With the event taking place in Chiago, in May, 1986.

In 2014 Arachnid was purchased by three brothers Tony, Chris and Shawn Beall, sons of Paul F. Beall, who owned the company up until 1989. The Bealls later renamed the company Arachnid 360.

Shot! Darts

Shot Darts have been making their much loved range of darts since 1970. All of which are designed, prototyped and created in their factory in Katikati, New Zealand.

In 1991 Shot Darts, then known as Puma Darts made history after launching the first ever bladed dartboard, named ‘The Bandit’.

Voks Darts

Started in 1980 in Mentor, Ohio. Voks darts are one of the few dart manufacturers in the USA, claiming to hand machine every barrel they make.

Their new home is in Melbourne, on the beaches of East Central Florida.

GLD Products

GLD Products (Great Lakes Dart Manufacturing) began back in 1981 when five friends and business partners were looking for a way to get more people into their bar in South Milwaukee.

GLD have since gone on to being one of the largest manufacturers of darts equipment in the US. Whilst also expanding their range to pool, air hockey, and foosball tables.

Michael Fielding

Michael Fielding

Michael has been playing Darts for more than 20 years and is passionate about helping others improve their game through his own experiences.