5 Best Dartboard Cabinets for 2021 [Reviewed]

Read our reviews of the best dartboard cabinets

A stylish cabinet makes any dartboard look sophisticated. Meaning you can hang your board just about anywhere without it looking tacky.

But, there’s more to a quality cabinet than just the aesthetics. Using the right case protects your board from damage and gives you a place to store your darts while not in use.

Finding the right dartboard cabinet might seem like an easy thing to do, but it can be pretty tough to know which one will is best value for money.

So, we’ve researched and reviewed five of the best options available. This guide will help you to find your perfect dartboard cabinet and give you the information you need to make a best choice.

Best Dartboard Cabinets: Our Top Picks

  1. Barrington Collection Dartboard Cabinet
  2. Viper Hideaway Dartboard Cabinet
  3. Centerpoint Dartboard Cabinet
  4. Hathaway Brookline Dartboard Cabinet
  5. Thornton Dartboard Cabinet

1. Barrington Dartboard Cabinet

Barrington Dartboard Cabinet

The Barrington Collection cabinet set is a gorgeous cabinet that offers an antique appearance. This collection will look incredible in any room of your house thanks to its parquet design and pine veneer finish.

Barrington Collection includes a premium 18-inch regulation-sized board. The board is self-healing bristle fibers and has staple-free construction for fewer bounce-out shots.

The cabinet itself is furniture grade and made of pine veneer. Complete with a trendy wormhole effect, you can hang this cabinet anywhere in your house!

All the accessories come included, such as six steel darts, dart flights, marker, mounting materials, and a built-in scoreboard.

Everything you need to play the game of darts comes included with this luxury cabinet set. It’s the perfect addition to any man-cave or sports room and works for use both at home or in a pub setting.

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  • Antique look
  • Wormhole effect
  • Pine veneer
  • Includes regulation-sized board and all accessories
  • Strong odor when first unpacked

2. Viper Hideaway Dartboard Cabinet

Viper Hideaway dartboard cabinet

The Viper Hideaway cabinet set includes everything you need to play darts! Its smooth matte black exterior blends with practically any home decor and looks incredible in any room of the house.

Complete with a regulation-sized dartboard and extra-thin profile, this set is ideal for both at home and professional playing. The dartboard is a traditional two-sided board with the second side offering a baseball dart set-up.

Mounting hardware comes included with the cabinet and installation is super-easy to do. The Viper Hideaway cabinet includes storage slots to hold your darts and has a magnetic door lock that keeps the doors from accidentally opening.

A coated finish makes this cabinet a durable choice that is excellent at protecting your walls from dart holes. You can use this option indoors or out, so long as it’s hung in a covered area away from any rain.

The downside to this cabinet set is that it does not include any darts or dart flights. But, if you own your equipment, then this is an excellent choice to consider.

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  • Stylish matte black finish
  • Thin profile
  • Includes two-sided board
  • Mounting hardware included for easy assembly
  • No darts included

3. Centerpoint Dartboard Cabinet

Centerpoint Dartboard Cabinet

The Centerpoint dart cabinet is an elegant-looking cabinet that lifts your game to new levels. It offers additional storage space and exciting interactive sound features for immersive playing.

This cabinet has an electronic board included, with 29 games and 90 variations! Everything needed to play comes included! You get the electronic board and six soft tip darts so that you can play right away.

The Centerpoint cabinet is a furniture grade piece, complete with a stunning North American yellow poplar hardwood. You choose between dark ebony or darker cherry exterior finish, which makes this item look incredible no matter where you place it.

A common issue with this cabinet is its quality. Some people have problems with the screws coming loose, but mainly it’s a matter of damage from darts. The wood tends to show holes quite well, which isn’t a good thing when you play darts.

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  • Dark ebony finish
  • Under-board storage space
  • Includes electric board and six darts
  • Shows holes easily

4. Hathaway Brookline Dartboard Cabinet

Hathaway Brookline Dartboard Cabinet

The Brookline by Hathaway is a stylish choice that’s perfect for family fun. It includes an electronic board and two sets of soft darts.

Built-in storage space gives you somewhere to store your darts, tips, and flights while they’re not at play. This unit has an LED display and up to 29 games with 90 variations.

The cabinet itself is a great place to hide your board away! It protects your wall from bounce-outs and stray darts which means you won’t end up with any damaged property.

This option mounts nicely on the wall and offers an attractive wood finish that suits most home furnishings well.

The mounting hardware comes with the unit, and it’s a secure cabinet that hangs easily. Its slim profile makes it easy to integrate into practically any room of the house.

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  • Wood finish
  • Electronic dartboard included
  • 29 games with 90 variations
  • Wall-mounted
  • Assembly required

5. Thornton Dartboard Cabinet

Thornton Dartboard Cabinet

The Thornton Cabinet is an all-inclusive dart cabinet. It has a gorgeous dark stained wood finish that looks elegant no matter where you place it.

This cabinet bundle includes an 18″ bristle dartboard made from self-healing sisal. Complete with staple-free construction and a steel number system, this board is perfect for both casual and professional players alike.

It offers two scoreboards and includes six steel darts so you can play right away. Mounting equipment comes in the case so you can easily hang your cabinet once it’s at home.

This cabinet is ideal for steel-tip darting, though you could mount an electronic board if you prefer. The solid wood construction better protects your walls from stray shots and makes the perfect addition to your man cave or gaming room.

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  • Solid wood finish
  • Includes 18″ board
  • Compatible with steel and soft-tip darts
  • Comes with 6 darts and mounting hardware
  • LED lighting casts a shadow over the board

Why you Should Purchase a Dartboard Cabinet

Using a dartboard cabinet makes a world of difference when it comes to the aesthetics of your board. Most dartboards aren’t that stylish when hung in any room other than your games room. But, by using a cabinet, you can practically hang your board anywhere!

A high-quality option offers a sleek exterior finish that blends well with most decor. It will change the way your board looks and make it easy to blend with any home decor.

A dartboard hanging in your home tends to make the room feel like a college dorm, but by using a beautiful cabinet, it makes your board look so much better.


A big part of buying a cabinet is to protect your walls from stray darts. The doors open outwards, offering more protection from bounce-outs and missed shots.

When darts hit the wall, they leave behind an unsightly hole. Eventually, when there are too many holes, the wall ends up damaged, and it will be expensive to fix. Which is why protecting your home from the start is a smart thing to do.

It also protects your darts from being damaged themselves. Your walls often harsh material and the steel tip will easily break if it connects with it. Whereas, a cabinet has a wood or plies backing that won’t break your equipment.


Depending on the style you purchase, every cabinet offers some extra storage. Having a safe place to keep your tips, flights, and darts when you’re not playing saves your equipment. Otherwise, it’s too easy to lose pieces if they’re lying around.

The case gives you somewhere to conceal your board, as well as any accessories that come with it. Some options even have storage big enough to hold your dart mat too!

Most cases include scoreboards and a marker or piece of chalk. The cabin doors are the best place to hang your scoreboards so you won’t need to dismount them every time or hang them on your walls.

What to look for in a Dartboard Cabinet

Different materials

Wood: Wood is an excellent choice of material. It looks incredibly stylish and lasts much longer than other materials like plastics. Wood is also easier on your darts and won’t damage them when you miss a shot.

Plastic: Some options are mostly plastic, which isn’t the best choice. Plastic can damage your darts and shows signs of wear quickly. It’s also not as strong as wood so it won’t be as reliable.

Plywood: Cheaper cases are often plywood. This material isn’t as durable and won’t last for very long. One good thing about plywood is that it’s easy on your darts because it’s softer than traditional wood. You might consider a solid wood cabinet with a plywood backing.

The Finish

There are several standard finishes; each makes a big difference in the overall look and feel. Some of the more popular are black, cherry, oak, and stained. Oak is a lighter wood finish that looks clean and crisp. It also shows dart holes easier than a darker wood finish. Cherry is a gorgeous opaque finish that looks perfect in dimly lit rooms or practically any room in your house.

Black is an excellent finish because it’s easy to blend with any color furnishings. Matte black is an incredibly sleek and modern look that will make your home look great!

Stains come in all different colors and often have different wood grain appearances. Having a stained cabinet means it could be one wood that’s colored to look like another.

Different Features

Some options offer extra features that make them unique. These include LED lighting, scoreboards, heckler features, and more.

LED-lit scoring is a neat feature to have! It makes it that much easier to see your scores and makes the game feel more like you’re playing in a pub or bar scene.

Another kind of lighting illuminates the edge of the board. This light is also LED, or occasionally neon though neon is far more expensive so if you’re shopping on a budget, you might consider an LED-lit board.

Other cabinets include fun sound features that make the game more interactive. Heckler features cheer for you when you hit a good shot and boo or criticize you for misses and bounce-outs.


Keeping score is a big part of playing darts. Which is why you should consider the kind of scoreboard included with the cabinet you pick.

There are three different types of scoreboards;

Chalk: Chalk is the original style of score keeping. It is easy to use and erases with minimal effort. The downside to chalk is how messy it is! You could also accidentally delete your scores if you bump the board or brush against it.

Dry Erase: A dry erase board is a more modern way to keep score. It works with a dry erase marker and board. This style is easy to use but less messy than the chalk kind. It presents the same problems with accidental erases as the chalk kind though.

Electronic: Electronic scoring is the easiest, by far! It’s also the most accurate. With this kind of score-keeping, you don’t need to worry about inaccurate results or lost scores while you play. You’ll mostly see these scoreboards with soft tip games, but some traditional boards are compatible too.


You want something that won’t end up being a hassle while you play. That’s why you should consider certain construction aspects before making your decision.

The hinges are a significant consideration because the wrong kind won’t hold the doors open or closed. Magnetic types ensure the doors stay open while you play. Whereas, other styles might not keep them open, and they could slam fully or partially shut.

Mounting Hardware

The style of mounting hardware is a big deal too! You don’t want to buy something hard to install! Wall-mounted cabinets are mostly quite easy to hang as long as they include the necessary tools.

Free-standing cabinets offer more storage than wall-mounted ones. They don’t hang or mount but stand like a dresser. This kind is suitable for larger rooms with lots of floor space. They often have enough room to keep your dart mat underneath as well.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ’s]

How high do I mount a dart board cabinet?
Since the regulation height for the bullseye of a dartboard is 5 feet 8 inches (68 inches) from the ground. You should hang your cabinet so the bullseye sits at the exact same height, while in your cabinet.

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