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Who are Darts Dojo?

From a friendly conversation among friends, to a website with thousands of visitors each and every month. We continue to share our thoughts just like we always have providing guides, advice and products to help improve your game.

After all Darts is a much harder sport than given credit for, you can’t simply play consistently good Darts without learning the correct technique and having the right gear. This is our main goal and we believe we have achieved this by providing regular, educational content of a high quality that those that love the game as much as we do, will find very useful. If there’s anything you’d like to see us cover on Darts Dojo, let us know!

The Team at Darts Dojo

Michael is the main author here at Darts Dojo, which is why you’ll find his name dotted around the site most often. But our team features many other enthusiasts that help with the research and testing of products in order to provide the best advice.

Michael Andrew, Founder

Michael Andrew, Founder

Michael began Darts Dojo back in 2019. Although his responsibilities have reduced since then, he still ensures the content shared on the site is up to his high standards.

Bob Mayer, Co-Founder

Having joined back in January of 2020, Bob brings a lot of knowledge and experience not just in Darts but also in business experience. Sharing the load of running the business with Michael, day to day.

George Hightown

George Hightown, Editor

George joined our team close to the end of 2020. Having been a content editor for more than 20 years and and online editor for 10 of those. He brings with him a wealth of experience in writing engaging content about his love of Darts.

James Hilton

James Hilton, Marketing

Joining towards the end of 2020, James heads up the marketing department here at Darts Dojo. Helping spread the word of our website. James is also a very good Darts player, having competed in a number of regional tournaments. 

What do we Share on Darts Dojo?

We have content specialized in helping improve your game to reviews of the best equipment currently available such as your next set of darts, down to dartboards, stands and even carrying cases. It’s fair to save we’ve got you covered. As we want to be the number one source for Darts information, online. Our aim is to cover every single topic in great detail. everyone from beginners to hardened pro’s will take something away from reading our blog.

Our Mission

No matter your ability, whether you are a total beginner or seasoned pro. Our mission is to provide you with informative resource for all your Darts gear and advice to further improve your game, while saving you money.

If you have not found what you are looking for, please let us know and we will personally cover it for you. At Darts Dojo we test every product that we can get our hands on to ensure you are getting reliable advice each and every time.

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