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What's Posted on Darts Dojo?

All of our content is written by our growing team of keen darts enthusiasts who love and play the game. We cover the majority of topics including darts, boards, cabinets and even flights! On top of this, we also provide useful tips on how to help improve your game, plus general advice. So rest assured, there’s something for players of all levels of ability.

Best Electronic Dartboards for 2019

If you’re on the lookout for a new electronic dartboard, you’ve come to the right place. As our experts have reviewed 5 of the best electronic dartboards currently available for 2019.

5 Best Soft Tip Darts for 2019

Need a fresh new set of soft tip darts? Click here to read our review of the best soft tip darts available for 2019, ideal for players of all abilities.


Founded back in June 2019, Darts Dojo started from a discussion between friends in the local pub (where most great ideas origionate), what was thought to be a basic diary come blog to share darting tips and advice. 

However, after searching for hours on end to find useful independent reviews of the latest products, we decided to produce the reviews ourselves.

This forced us to get out our armchairs and into the pub, much to the dismay of our wives, and test tons of different products to help provide honest reviews for the site. Of course, we’ve only got so much time and a limited budget but unlike many of the other websites, we actually speak from experience. 

Feel free to read one of our latest reviews to find out more about what we’re about.

Our Latest Content

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